You Can Tweak The Color Of Your Hair Or Change It Radically? Is It Safe Or It Can Be A Risk To The Health Of The Fetus? In This Case, How To Do For The Next Nine Months?

How many times have you had to discuss with the friends on the risk or not to use the dye during pregnancy? If he speaks of often, but there are still many doubts that revolve around the topic. And so, if there are several expectant mothers who do not have problems to give up to have her hair dyed for nine months, there are many who just can’t do without it.

Even if, in the course of the years, the formulations of the products are greatly improved, and today there are dyes without ammonia, and water-based is much more delicate than before, there are some important precautions to take into serious consideration while pregnant.

Solid in pregnancy: yes or no?

There are, as noted, different schools of thought: some hair stylists say that the compounds are too dangerous for the fetus, others, however, that the amount of ‘chemical’ is too low because it can influence in any way the health of the small. It should be pointed out that the skin is not waterproof, exactly as it is the stratum corner (the outer one) composed of cells with a metabolic activity, very lively. This means that everything that we apply on the skin (and therefore scalp) interacts with our body.

To confirm this, dr. Gabriella Cecchetti, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology: “I am of the opinion that if it is not essential, the solid, in pregnancy, should be avoided: it is in fact an area of absorption very high and, therefore, all the substances that we place on the head, they come to the fetus”.

Also, if you’re a who play of color, your body during these nine months can change and develop a particular sensitivity to certain cosmetics. Not to mention that the sense of smell is much more refined now that you’re waiting: from the second quarter onward, it is possible to be intolerant towards certain odors which become objectionable, and ‘toxic’. One of these is the ammonia contained in the colors for the hair: it is also for this reason that many hair stylists don’t realize the colors on pregnant women. The fumes can be very annoying and difficult to tolerate. “Are several salons that are not willing to take this high responsibility”, stresses the gynecologist.

Avoid the do-it-yourself

“Opts for the solid only if you can not do without, and the number of white hairs is very high – I am referring to the 40s, of course: an excess of precaution never hurts. In addition, it is necessary to leave the classic one inch margin for not going to stress your skin already fragile and always choose natural products”, explains dr. Cecchetti.

If your roots need a touch up, in fact, you can play safe by choosing the colors without ammonia and with a base of plant extracts (they last less but the risks are virtually zero). Or you can choose from the blows of sun and light, unlike dyes, are bleached only the trunk. Nothing to do, but if your idea of staining is to switch from platinum to chocolate, or vice versa. It’s not the right time!

Cover the white hair in pregnancy: alternatives

While the classic shades should be abandoned during pregnancy, the henna remains one of the best allies: “it Is a colour, it’s completely natural that you can do at any stage of waiting, from the earliest days up to the date of childbirth,” concludes the specialist. It is therefore a good compromise for women who want to feel beautiful and in order, also with the ‘baby bump’.

Switch to the oil cleansing

Did you know that after the first two months, the hair may appear dull and turned off because they feel the influence of progesterone when the placenta is formed, it has an increase the amount of estrogen in the body, which help to make the hair more naturally shiny?

The advice is to avoid the usual shampoo foam and turn to a more delicate oil cleansing can absorb the impurities and wash away the dirt without being too aggressive. And the beauty is that you don’t even need conditioner because the oil already plays a nourishing.

The style in the pregnancy

And now another secret: since pregnancy offers numerous benefits to your hair, take advantage of their strength and vitality to carry out various hairdos: chignon, messy or chic and pulled, high or low, braids of all shapes and torch on or top knot.

And if that’s not enough, why not treat yourself to a nice cut again before giving birth? A asymmetrical bob and choppy or a helmet is the sweet and retro are perfect: once the baby is born you will not have much time to indulge and, in this way, you will feel still perfect and in order in spite of the drastic drop in hormonal levels and the stress from the mom-to-be. Also… one change leads to another, why not take advantage of it?

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