Why Is Henna Good For Hair

Directly from the Middle East comes the henna, the powder colorant of natural origin perfect for dyeing hair and skin. Famous in Africa and in India, where it is used for the temporary tattoos, the extract from the shrub  known as “henna”, henna has become a true must-have for those looking for a natural dye that does not cause harm to the hair and that, in fact, go to feed it and to enrich it.

Why is henna good for hair

If the first impact, after you have used henna, the hair can seem to be slightly more dry, dust, natural will make your hair even more luminous and healthy: within 2-3 washings, in fact, the annoying feeling of dryness will go away.

The difference between a dye and chemical staining-based natural henna is just in the action on the hair. The first, in fact, penetrates the cuticle going to change the structure; the second, instead, is deposited on the individual hair like a varnish giving you clarity, strength, discipline, and making the hair even more smooth.

But this is not the only positive aspect, in fact, the henna, it also has an effect by acting on the scalp, fighting dandruff and oily seborrhea. Automatically, the hair, it will become even more voluminous and lightweight.

Juggling between the various types of henna can be quite complicated and, for this, it is good to know all the details to make an accurate choice and suits every person. In the trade, you can find two types of henna:

Natural henna, with the addition of dye-a synthetic red non-harmful to health if used in low dosages. The result of the pose after only two hours will be very intense and will darken with the passage of time. Not recommended for use on hair dyed in recent times;

Natural: this type of henna turns to shades of orange and, in addition to having to star in pose for three hours or more, it needs to be oxidized before being applied to the hair.

Henna for blonde hair

in Spite of many set out the henna only and exclusively to the red hair, this color natural can be used also for giving prominence to the reflections of blond hair, and light brown. Enriched with powders of chamomile or rhubarb, the more that colour the hair, this mixture gives the effect of highlighting that, however, is not going to cover the white hair or regrowth.

Cassia Ob ovate powder – natural henna for blonde hair (Davis Finest)

Cassia Ob ovate to Davis Finest in addition to being easy-to-prepare leaves hair silky and shiny. Perfect to be mixed with other herbs and natural dyes, this type of henna is the ideal choice for those who want to revive the blond and give him new reflections.

Useful to give volume to the hair, flat and thicken hair leaving it shiny, thick, strong and healthy. The Cassia can be applied on all types of hair, including white ones, which, after application, will be blond, pale, and decidedly more shining.

Henna blond powder bio microscopical sifted triple (Indus Valley)

Free of pesticides, dust, micro-fine and triple sieving: the henna of the Indus Valley is perfect for those who do not want to use chemicals.
By sealing the hair cuticles, prevent breakage and boost shine as well as make them beautiful.

Hydrating, anti fungal and antimicrobial: this henna cools and soothes the scalp, helping to eliminate dandruff and itching. Perfect to cover grey hair but, it is well to remember, that is not shown to lighten brown hair, brown and red.

henna for red hair

Thanks to its natural properties, is the perfect choice for dye, of course, the hair red, or to add to the heavy grain mahogany to shades of chestnut and more. In this case, the henna-natural is the ideal solution, also perfect to revive the natural reflexes already present.

Henna red copper powder

To some reflex copper it never says no, and the henna red copper powder is the perfect choice for not having to resort to chemicals. Also ideal for those who want to cover up the regrowth of hair or white hair without the use of ammonia, chemical substances, silicone, petrolatum.

Thanks to the natural herbs in powder already in previous mixes, just simply add warm water until the mixture is creamy. Of course, also in this case it is possible to increase the moisturizing power, thanks to a touch of honey and yogurt in the dough.

Small trick to improve the oxidation? Use the lukewarm vinegar instead of water.

red Henna egyptian

To be applied on clean hair, in order to facilitate the outlet of the color, henna red egyptian will give new hues to hair, auburn. Perfect to cover white hair, mixed with tea and/or lemon juice instead of water and leaving it laying throughout the night, he will give the crown for shine and strength.

The dust ground as thin, in addition, is easy-to-emulsion, and, in the case of texture too powdery, just add a little balm to the mixture.

Little trick: comb hair thoroughly before application to remove all nodes, and facilitate the preparation of the cream of henna. To maintain the temperature, also, it will be possible to heat the mixture on the hair, after application, by using the hot air of the hair dryer for about 15 minutes. Then proceed with the usual time of laying.

Henna for brown hair and brown

Stove usually brown, flat and without life? Henna is a natural solution for those who want a change without going overboard, and enriching the hair of reflections rich and full-bodied. The natural tones of henna brown and Bruno allow you to turn the locks of the hair on the mahogany, copper and plum.

Henna brown

Plants harvested by hand and dried naturally, and henna brown, caramel, will give your hair a sweet reflection of Bruno thanks to the mix of Indigo with the boron de us that will strengthen its nuances adding a light touch of copper.

As already said, the henna, it could dry hair gently and, for this, in the case of fine hair, or damaged hair, just add a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, coconut oil, or Shea butter you can say goodbye to effect services and welcome the foliage shiny and healthy.

Henna dark brown

Hair brittle, and the tips burned? Henna is the natural solution to be tested before resorting to the dreaded box de barber.

Just build a mixture by adding the powder to the lukewarm water and, if necessary, of the aloe vera to prevent dryness of the foliage; apply all over hair and leave on for three hours, the whole covered by the film.

Also fat hair will benefit from this color: in addition to being more alive and shiny, the power will reduce the number of washes weekly giving, at the same time, of very good volume.

Little tip: after shampoo and conditioner make a final rinse acid by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to a liter and put in the fresh water.

Cover grey hair with henna may seem like a real challenge, but if you are familiar with the product, you can do it without fear and without the risk of ending up with a point too important.

The first council, in this case, is to use a henna hair brown or mahogany, so as to avoid ending up with shades of copper or metal. The second thing is to put extreme attention to the herbs contained in the henna for hair-white, you should not miss (the only one able to cover the hair) in conjunction with indigo or that will dampen the tone too red.

Attention: these mixes will download with the time, but the color will not go away.

Henna mahogany hair with white Tea, Nature)

4 tablespoons of powder, a little bit of warm water and 1 tablespoon of salt to help the fixation: just a little to create the perfect blend thanks to the henna mahogany Tea Nature.

Just apply the mixture to damp hair and cover with a shower cap and heating it with a hair dryer. Little trick: leave the compound, prior to application, for at least 15 minutes to give it time to oxidize stirring occasionally.

After rinsing, the color is not quite intense? No fear, no drying will increase the oxidation giving even more body to the color and doing away with the white hair.

Red henna for white hair

A real beauty treatment and strengthen hair from the root the same in the natural way: the natural pigments of henna egyptian is the ideal place to say goodbye to white hair without the use of the chemical.

The covering power, additionally, you will avoid making a double application on white hair that, at times, is necessary to allow to the mixture to increase the socket on the areas of rain.

A tablespoon of yogurt or honey added to hot water and the powder will allow you to get a hair soft from the first rinsing in addition to adding a delicious scent.

How to use and apply the henna

Henna, currently, the market is in the form of powder before being applied, it must be mixed properly with hot water. Among the various tricks to improve the performance of the dust to natural you can add vinegar, lemon or yogurt, acidic substances that will increase the oxidation to prolong the results; or, to avoid the effect dry, you can add one or two tablespoons of honey or vegetable oils.

To apply the henna in the correct way, first of all, it is good to apply a throw or a cream body fat along the hairline and on the ears: in this way it will be easier to avoid staining the skin. After you have made the mixture of henna, which should have a consistency rather thick, divide hair into sections and start the application from behind going forward, first on the roots and then the tips.

Leave everything in the pose, covered with plastic wrap or a shower cap, for at least three hours. Then move on to the rinse and cleansing with a classic shampoo.

Attention: it is better to avoid using containers or spoons to metal, always better to the plastic and, in addition, it is recommended to keep the mixture in a water bath during the application to keep it always up to temperature.

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