True Hair Smooth Without The Plate You Can! However, If You Don’t Know How To Do It, We Have Gathered The Best Tips For A Crease Straight By Avoiding Sources Of Excessive Heat

Straight hair is the passion of many, but to be able to get the spaghetti perfect is not easy, and, moreover, often leads to an excessive stress to the hair itself because of the high temperatures reached by the plate. And yet, get the hair straight without the plate, it is possible, surely it takes more patience and want to apply, but you can do it by following the right steps and methods that now we can explain to you.

Use the right products

Although we think that the most important step to get hair straight without the use of the plate is drying, it is essential to take a step back. You have to go right from the washing, and then click the ad hoc products: yes to moisturizing products and designed especially for smooth hair or to make more easy the transition from rough to smooth.

Shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum will be your best friends; not to forget also the thermos protector spray before blow-drying.

How to dry the hair

Dry the hair in the right way is the first step to be able to avoid the plate, and still get smooth hair. After washing your hair, remember to always delete the excess water, but do this by dabbing the head and avoiding rubbing the whole. In this way, you respect the hair and avoiding the rubbing, the risk of breakage of the fibers and split ends.

Passing then to the hot air drying, avoid high temperatures and use the jet from the middle of the dryer. In order to realize the smooth perfect helped with a brush round, better if with bristles thick with the spout of the hair dryer, that direction the air in the right way.

Last tip: try to use the air jet in the vertical mode, thus increasing the possibility to get the hair super smooth.

Use the curlers XXL

The rollers are very popular in the past decades, are now fallen into disuse, yet even this tool is perfect for smoothing the hair without the use of the plate. The important thing is to choose one of the curlers is very large, thus avoiding the effect is the opposite: the moved.

To apply the rollers, and thus obtain the smooth effect without the use of the plate, you need to divide hair into multiple sections by pulling them towards the outside, place the curler under the tip and roll toward the head, creating a slight tension. Fixed then all the curlers to the head with bobby pins or beaks, and it dries with the hairdryer.

Hair smooth with the wheel in Swedish

The old grandma’s remedies are now back in great fashion: green and sustainable allow you to get the hair beautiful and shiny instead of using the various sources of heat. Do you know the wheel in Sweden? It was one of the main ways to get smooth hair without the plate when it still existed.

To achieve it you need to follow the different steps that need to be done with calm and attention. After having washed the hair and buffed with a towel to remove access water, combing the hair and divide them into small strands that spin around the head from right to left and from left towards the inside.

Fixed every single lock with a hairpin. If you want to get a smooth, perfect, as you pull the individual strands using a fine-tooth thick in order to make the whole thing more compact.

Of course, the next step is to wait, thus you will have to wait for the hair to dry naturally, even throughout the night.

To do this, you can also wrap your hair in the film food, but remember to moisturize you hair well before you start with the wheel Swedish: more the your hair remains moist, the more it will tend to become crepe.

Treatments keratin

Obviously to get smooth hair without the plate can also be used to treatments long-term or almost permanent, such as keratin. Relying on salons that have experience and apply this type of treatment will be possible both to reconstruct the hair itself is get a smooth dream. The important thing is consistency: repeat the keratin every 3/5 months to keep the hair super smooth and healthy.

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