True Fold Perfect Is The Dream Of All. It Is Certainly Not Easy, But By Following These 9 Tips Will Make It Last Longer

Straight, wavy, long or short. Of any kind will be the your hair, the worry of all is always and only one: how to prolong the fold without having to redo every day? A question for no obvious and that has thousands of answers, within the reach of all.

If you don’t believe us check out the 9 ways to make it last longer: put them into practice every day and you will not be able to make more for less.

1. Choose the right cut of hair

, We start from the basics, that is, from the cutting of the hair. If it is wrong that you may as well say goodbye to your hopes of having a crease-long lasting.

Especially if you’re looking for a fold in the durable, on fine hair, remember to avoid the cuts scaled, which tend to be lighter, less full-bodied and with the tips even thinner.

2. Wash your hair the day before

The search for the perfect style and lasting often coincides with a major event or an unforgettable occasion. In these cases, it is best to wash your hair the day before and proceed with the styling after 24 hours.

It might seem absurd, but the hair is freshly washed escape easily, and that little layer of fat that forms on the sun 24 hours, hydrates the hair, allowing it to retain heat better and, as a result, the fold.

3. Drying the hair in the right way

For a good fold is just taking a bit of time, especially if you want to make it last more than a few moments. This is also because the temperature by the use of the dryer must be moderate and not too hot. Remember, in the end, to block the crease with a shot of cold air that will stabilize the shapes you just made.

4. Avoids the turban post wash

The turban with the towel may seem like a good ally, but here you’re wrong. The moisture, in this case, is retained and your hair will be dry and dull. The styling will then become more difficult and less shiny.

Other foresight not to forget is that to remove the excess water with the towel, you should blot with a towel, do not rub the hair. In the second case, you are going to put stress on the fiber and ruin it. To dab, you must become a mantra.

5. Use the right products

For a fold that don’t ever says goodbye, it is essential to use the right products, starting from cleansing to the final closing of the cuticles.

It starts from the shampoo, where it is good to use a moisturizer so that the hair is not excessively dry once it is dry.

It is good to pay attention also to the brush of choice to achieve the fold: do you prefer a thermal with steel bristles, which stores heat and releases it on the hair.

Of course, to ensure the longevity of the smooth bend, choose a brush with a diameter of 2.8 cm to give the volume at the base. Also remember to use a temperature protecting device over the entire length and then passes the plate. In this case, in fact, it will be necessary to move the hair straightener and then the hair should be even more protected.

Important, especially for those who want to a bending move, you texture the hair with a special product like a salt spray or salt.

6. Make the bends with constancy

Do you know that for to last longer in the fold move the main trick is to have it often? It’s called the memory effect and it is a characteristic of the hair, which not everyone knows.

The more often and regularly run the same fold, the more your hair will have memory, and more will resist for a long time. It seems absurd, but the effect I remember exist!

7. Use the dry shampoo

There are those who see it with fear, or not trust the product, but the dry shampoo is a great help to last long your hairstyle. In addition to giving volume, especially when applied to the roots, the dry shampoo will allow you to extend the time between washes and, therefore, to last longer your blow-dry.

8. Avoid moisture during the drying

Among the enemies trust of the mass in the fold, there is the humidity which tends to swell the hair and making them less easy to manage. The council, in this case is to avoid drying them in the bathroom after the shower: choose another room, or ventilate it well the actual bath before you take in the hand dryer and brush.

9. Use the silk to protect the hair

Do you know that the cotton of the pillowcase is the main cause of split ends, hair electrical and, therefore, of a mass in the fold shortly lasting? To maintain the fold during the night trial of the pillowcase, silk or wrap your hair in a scarf to protect them from the pillowcase in cotton.

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