There Is Always The Right Way To Style And Also While Doing Sports.

If during training it is best to avoid putting on makeup to allow the skin to breathe, it is not necessary to renounce to a simple hairstyle to keep the hair and be cool even on the carpet or on the step. From braids, to the code through the messy bun: hairstyles for sports are many, to show off in the gym and not only.

1. The high tail

Is the hairstyle you sport more easy to do, but always to great effect: the high tail. Synonymous with elegance and rigor, winking an eye to the ’80s where he was a real must-have inside and outside the gym. Those who love the style of strict and doesn’t accept a hair out of place, you can opt for a hairstyle compact with the help of a comb with narrow teeth and a little gel.

To top everything off, a cover of elastic jewel, the true trend of the last year.

2. The braid crown

Perfect for those with longer hair, the braid crown is the hairstyle that is ideal in and out of the gym. A low bun, with a braid, and thick, which adds to the hairstyle of the sport.

Choose this if you need to do a light form of physical activity, such as a session of yoga, in no time you will be able to reach the friends for a drink without having to worry about hair.

3. Short hair

It is not a real hairstyle, but if you’re have short hair are what you are looking for. Simple to care for, in form, easy to wash and dry after an intense session of workout. If you’re curly, indeed, super curly, do not overdo it with scissors, but takes advantage of the natural volume and have fun playing, why not, with a few accessories.

Remember: never forget the diffuse to the hair dryer.

4. The messy bun

Perhaps it is one of the hairstyles sporting the most easy to implement: just an elastic and a few simple motion to achieve a look not bad. No brush and no hairpins: the more, the chignon is disheveled the better. Play with the locks of hair fall to the sides to make the look even more messy, but carefully.

A perfect hairstyle also matched a style of rock before or after your workout.

5. The boxer braids

Just as the name suggests, the boxer braid are the hairstyle sports for excellence. Loved the boxer of the whole world, this hairstyle is perfect for all types of hair: from curly and voluminous for most purposes and without fiber.

The braids on the head, in fact, are ready to withstand the toughest workouts hard and intense. Nothing locks in front of your face and no clumps free, which come out between a bend and another. In order to keep them in order, remember a coat of lacquer before exercising.

6. The low tail

Simple, elegant, and always to great effect: the low tail is the one for you, especially if you’ve chosen a medium cut or just below the shoulders. Often underestimated, this hairstyle sports is perfect to collect the hair in no time.

To make it even more stylish, just take a strand from the back of the tail and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a hairpin. An idea not to be underestimated, even for the most important occasions and formal.

7. The crop with band

Find the come hairstyle to exercise when you have a short-cut, maybe with a tuft or a fringe, it can be a real challenge. The solution, in this case, is easily solved with a little accessory: the headband.

Thick or thin, that is, adds a touch of style to the utility, even better if combined with a low bun and your outfit of the day. Not forgetting, of course, a couple of hairpins to stop the tuft or fringe.

8. The braided side –

Maxi lengths are never easy to manage in gyms: the bun is too bulky and tails, high or low, are still to annoy you. If you hair is extra long, even better if it’s curly or wavy, keep them at bay during your workouts with a braid to the side, or classic French, rich and full.

Also in this case, you will be able to complete the hairstyle with a headband or a headband.

9. The space bun

The sport, as well as allowing us to stay in shape and to vent all the stress, it is also an excellent method to express ourselves without fear and without prejudice. And then why not opt for the space bun? Two pigtails high that you turn into a small messy bun: a look irreverent and perfect for those who are called the trend in and out of the gym.

10. The pigtails

Love to bring the crown open and the hairstyle ’90s, you are still in my heart? Don’t worry, we have a perfect hairstyle for sports, also for you. The braids tight to the head are a real must for the adolescence of many, and now they are returning to conquer the tops of many of them.

Are not easy to do, but if you have a little bit of manual work are a useful solution especially if you have long hair and bulky.

Now you have to do is choose your look and begin to sweat, but with a style not indifferent!

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