The Secret To Good Styling Is All In A Perfect Drying. But What Are The Correct Steps? Let’s Find Them Out Together

Have You ever wondered why your hair dried by the hair stay clean longer? The merit is of the perfect drying. Here’s our guide to a styling long-lasting.

How to wash and dry your hair in the perfect way

it All starts of course, with the hair just washed, but what is not obvious is that they must be well rinsed. The cleaning water must flow clear and free of any bubbles. To the touch the hair, even when wet, must be almost rough. Only in this way will delete any patina of balm, that even the day after would make the hair heavy, if not downright dirty.

To remove excess water do not rub the hair with a towel. Better if microfiber, it absorbs moisture and minimizes frizz.

What to do before drying

Before passing to the dryer, the hair may not be dripping with water: not only it would take an eternity, but you would get the much unwanted frizz. Here it becomes important to “per-dry” the hair, that is let them free in the air, so that the excess moisture to evaporate naturally.

A perfect blow-dry you get when you start the brushing with the brush and dryer on dry hair at least 50%. Of course, this is possible in the summer or when you have the time.

The alternative is to head down and give the neck a blow dryer without the nozzle, and then apply a styling product suited to your hair.

If you have thin hair use a spray that aging a body and thickness.
However, if you have a crown and double thick, use a conditioner leave-in to hold at bay the frizz.

Distribute the product with a wide tooth comb, preferably wood, and then work the strands with your fingers. In both cases, forbidden to use gel and wax modelling, suited rather to model the hair at the end of drying.

Use your fingers instead of the brush

The secret of drying the perfect (read: the hair soft and shiny without frizz) is to start with the fingers, as if it were a comb. Raises a strand of a few centimeters upwards, hold it, and aim the nozzle of the dryer downward, that is, the head. It is a gem for a hair stylist that can give volume without ruffling the hair, from the first steps. If you part with the brush, you are likely instead to make them frizzy.

Divide the hair in sections

Before beginning with the hair dryer, divide hair into sections and secure them with clothespins. Need to avoid drying their hair already dry, that may be damaged.

Use the brush

Now that the roots are dry, you can then switch to a round brush with boar bristles or a mix of synthetic and natural bristles for length. Pull the hair with the brush, pointing the nozzle of the dryer downwards. To make the first starts from the tips and then “come up” gradually to the roots.

The final touch

Once the hair is dry 100%, apply with your hands on a serum that you massage between the palms of the hands.

How to dry curly hair

curly hair has an undeniable charm and it is crucial to dry them in the right way in order to avoid the frizz, without form, and vitality. To do this, in addition to using products that are highly moisturizing and designed specifically for curly hair, it is good to follow some little foresight of how to choose the microfiber to remove the excess water.

This material eliminates less natural oils from the hair, thus helping to better define curl and reduce the frizz often caused by the use of the towel.

The plopping

Among the techniques useful for dry curly hair are the plopping: one of the latest trends dedicated to the hair curly. To do this you simply place a cotton t-shirt on a plan, chinarti upside down so that the hair is to the center of the mesh itself, close it, creating a turban and, finally, to join the side sleeves behind the neck stopping them with a pair of pliers and a bobby pin. Let sit for at least an hour and after that enjoy the show of your curls super defined

How to dry curly hair with a hair dryer

Who has curly hair knows how important the use of the speaker as to not take away volume at the crown, it was rebuilt, this accessory, in fact, allows to attenuate the air jet directed on the hair toned down the frizz.

What they do not know is that it would be better to avoid it completely in the dryer and leave the curly hair free of dry air. Only in this way a mane of a lion will resume all of their natural volume and splendor.

The clipping

The routine and the everyday life, often lead to the choices in a fast that, with the passage of time, can ruin or diminish the hair, the most beautiful.

As in the case of the volume that, very often, tends to disappear, especially at the hairline. To work around this problem, you can try the technique of clipping that involves the application of stainless steel clip to the roots and then switch to classic drying with the diffuse. More clips put of the most the volume will be: ready to try?

How to dry wavy hair

Dry the wavy hair is not at all simple: it is the classical way and, therefore, require further attention. Starting from the products, through the tools and methods of drying.

After you have washed your hair and you have used the ad hoc products as a conditioner, mask, serum and protector is good, in the case of wavy hair, comb them with a wooden comb with large teeth.

As for the curls, even in this case, it would be better to let the hair dry natural. If, instead, you just can not give up to the dryer, not to forget the speaker, which must be matched at an average temperature and an air jet is not strong.

Parts drying the roots, being about 10 cm away from the nape of the neck with the jet directed from top to bottom. Yourself then head down to complete the drying and, in the while, blot them gently with the hands of the individual strands to give it a slight shape. Then move on, putting you head down, to dry the rest of the hair, keeping the hair dryer at a safe distance, gently pat with your hands, locks of hair. To better define the waves, helped with a product for styling such as mousse or oils.

Of course, even wavy hair need the right amount of volume and to do that you need to make a drying upside down, resting the tips with the diffuser and tighten a few strands between your hands to define them and give it a form.

Instead, if you don’t love the volume also makes use of the diffuse from the high to the low, but always remember not to get too close to the hair, thus avoiding to burn them.

How to dry short hair

You made the leap into the void and you decided to throw yourself on a short-cut? It takes courage because this cut has small pitfalls with regard to the drying and styling.

First of all, whether long or short, straight or curly, the hair are afraid of the high temperatures and the fortune of the hair short is the ability to use a jet of air is almost cold. For this the hair is short and grows very quickly: they are subjected to lower stress than the lengths XXL.

A little trick that many do not know is not dry completely hair. Just wipe them pe half with the hairdryer at a low temperature and then begins to work it with the help of waxes and serums: playing with the hands, you can focus on the styling and at the same time end completely dry the hair.

If you have a cut very short parts from the bottom and jumps to the top without losing too much time: in this way will gain volume and thickness.

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