The Fringe Would Be Ideal (For All) Is The One That Grazes The Eyebrows, Lightened The Lengths, So That You Can Transform Into A Quiff

Exactly as for the red, at least once in life we women are past the fringe-because, let’s face it, is able to transform in a dramatic way the look without upsetting completely the cut: the fringe gives character to the face, which makes it unique, is ageless, and even democratic. Yes, because the fringe, which at one time was for a few splendid, fortunate, and chosen, now it truly is for all, because it is able to adapt to the shape of any face and any type of style, and then why each one of us can wear it in a personalized way.

There is the fringe graphics, cut in a uniform manner, the heart on the door is short in the center and climb to the outside; there is the fringe combed to the side, sexy and mysterious; there is that long and heavy, in the style of the ’60s, indicated for straight hair, and straight; there is one button and that rock is very short, the wrap-around, and punk.

And finally, there is the fringe, slightly open on the front, which draws attention to the eyes, this fringe lightweight, fashion show, finish that nearly irregular gives fresh air to the look. And is good to all because it is capable of restoring balance to the facial features due to the separation of the clumps and add a little and the only imperfection to the style, helping to make it gritty.

Easy-to-carry, the fringe parade will dry with the hair dryer in a few moments without spout. And then halfway through drying, combing, leaving the clumps in the wild. The beauty of this fringe, in fact, it is just the style, undisciplined, and little adjust. In short, the touch a little wild, that makes us feel instantly more sexy, even if we have a fringe with curly hair.

Today, the fringe has reinvented itself and can then be adopted by all women, without distinction, as long as you find the right balance, that means to get to the ideal model for the oval of the face.
The fringe can correct the defects, enhancing the irregularity as well as give harmony to the face: it is a perfect accessory for the most shy ones who want to hide, for both the cocky and resourceful who want to enhance their femininity.

The fact of the pull and lighten the fringe is a good trick to shorten faces long or to hide an opposite small, or to make it appear wider. It also helps to re dimension a too high and lends itself to a thousand other stratagems depending on what you want to show or not show (for the record, for women over 50 is the perfect ally to hide the wrinkles).

And now, after this praise of the fringe, you have to do is run out of your hair!

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