The Bangs Allows You To Make A Change (Almost) Radical Without Touching The Length, Which Is Why It Is The Perfect Solution To Give A Twist To Your Style

The fringe is a great trick if you want to give a twist to your look, if you are looking for a ‘trick’ to change your style without cutting too drastic to your hair. And it is perfect because it complies with one of the biggest trends of the year 2018. Yes, because it is a real must-have, terribly glam and the ultra fashion. And proves to be intriguing to all ages.

The secrets of fringe

But be careful because there is the fringe and the fringe. And each has its own to interpret depending on the shape of the face and structure of your hair: choose the fringe is not so simple!

Do you prefer a stylish touch? Then the model where you have to aim for is long and to the side. Do you want to look sexy and mysterious? Then opt for the heavier, typical of the ’60s, which, however, is to be avoided if your hair is wavy or curly. Seems like a too drastic? Test the fringe, the version of the finish irregular, combed hair with a middle row lateral fall at the height of the eyes and give an air of sparkling and spirited. The beautiful model, Alexa Chung, has made it his war-horse: you can copy her to be glamorous and trendy. And he is not wrong.

Fringe and personality

in Short, every face has its fringe, and each fringe there is an ideal face which you belong. It is up to you to organize the perfect wedding for the next year. A face too round, until a short time ago, it was strongly recommended not to point on the fringe, but today we can, in fact, you must choose the famous Berlin, perhaps one of the fringe’s most well-known in the absolute, the one that completely covers the eyebrows and wrapping your head and giving a strong personality.

Two essential variables

Variables to consider are of course the length and texture of hair that you have to pay attention: if your hair is very thick let-go-short fringe, because you risk the effect ‘mop’. On the contrary, if your hair is thinner is the ideal model.

Today, all we can try some kind of fringe: do you think that can even correct some of the defects giving for the optical effect of a perfect oval. Sometimes it is the fringe itself that enhances certain irregularities and gives harmony to the face.

In order throughout the day

The classic blow dry with brush and hair dryer is the most convenient way to keep you in the fringe. Alternatively, you can use the plate.

Try to use specific styling products, those, for instance, able to perfectly smooth the hair, those that have perfect waves, the ones that fight the frizz. In short, the cosmetics that will give your tresses the right mood and a perfect finish to your fringe, so it can be ordered throughout the day and lengthen the time of the fold.

How to adjust the fringe

One last piece of advice, finally, on how to adjust the fringe. Let the do-it-yourself, because it may be inaccurate, and do enormous damage. You just need to adjust it once a month from your hairstylist, trust.

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