Take A Look At The Proposals For The Autumn-Winter 2020: We Are Confident That You Will Find Your!

Short cuts: the kingdom of the trial, one in which the hairstylists give the best of themselves, as to creativity. Probably because the short cut is also the most challenging, since it is more difficult to do, as there were repeated from the girls our mothers. But also the most complex to bring, instead, how we see ourselves!

Yet, short hair is super refined (in the sense of a search on Google): to get inspiration or just to fantasize about a potential cut? The doubt remains. Since almost all of the short cuts they fondle the typical hypothesis: “As I would be if I have the short hair?”. Also in the one who is faithful for years to the long hair.

In the meantime, try to imagine your potential, change the look by browsing the short cuts of the autumn / winter 2019-2020.

short Hair: cuts on-trend inspiration in 2020

A fresh cut in his be classic. The locks are to be destructured, and that’s enough to harmonize with the face.

For those who: choose if you like to change every day look with wax modelling.

Grey hair: a perfect look to enhance the hair short.

For those who: choose if you make sure to “refresh” with a box at least every 3 weeks.

Framesi breaks the rules of the fringe offering a gritty V design, softened by schiariture placed ad hoc.

For those who: choose it if you are tired of the usual fringe.

The blond, the short-cut of This has an appeal to the metropolitan, which is reassuring.

For those who: choose if you have hair that does not need to be piastrati every day.

Hair short, curly, no problem for the idea proposed by Z. One concept. A cut voluminous but at the same time composed.

For those who: choose if you want to wear their hair short, enhancing your natural curls.

Company the Beauty the short cut for straight hair becomes just walked for the make volume. Interesting the idea to have highlights to contrast.

For those who: choose if you have straight hair that needs more body.

In the short-cut of EVOS, the tuft’s important to the protagonist is to balance the volumes of the face.

For those who: choose it if you like the idea of having hair that will hide his eyes a little, for a mysterious effect.

Cut very short by the form firm of the cut that gives the face a sensual, almost fragile.

For those who: choose it if you love the look of the Mia Farrow.

Cutting the bowl of the Framesi. A strict cut and super precise, very much in vogue in the years ’90, who is going out of fashion (see Charlize Theron). Interesting the idea to paint it green on the tips.

For those who: choose it if you are nostalgic of the twenty years famous for the era of the super model, from Linda Evangelista to Naomi Campbell.


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