Simple Cuts With Soft Lines And Full Characterize The Trends For Medium Hair-Long Of The Summer Season

The cuts for medium hair-long for the spring and summer of 2020 are characterized by soft lines that allow you to vary the styling of the infinity. The leitmotif that unites all of the cuts is the naturalness, which is translated in practice, this means to enhance all types of hair, for a more democratic styles. Away for free, then, to the wavy hair, curls and of course straight, provided they are not too structured and too, among the hair trends for Spring-Summer 2020.

Wavy hair provide, therefore, light waves, such as those that are after you loose the braids; but also beach wave just almost mentioned and the curls loose style of the Venus of Botticelli.
The straight hair in the spring of 2020 are never the ultra-thin, as in past seasons, but prefer a more fluid and a touch more remember to take a look at the hair color trend for the hot season.

cutting medium-to-long that goes for more? To cut equal lengths, straight or just climbing on the tips to give movement to the look as a whole. The effect is a hair creme that does not know too many gradients, if not at the height of the neck.
Back, additionally, the tuft voluminous that “breaks” the monotony of cutting the medium along. The door to the side and quite long, up to touch the jaw. We can also combine with hair accessories, super trendy in the last period.

the lengths of The cuts? Varies from medium-long, that is, with the tips touching the shoulders and long, well past her shoulders. In all cases, the effects are always full-bodied, or to the maximum elevation along the vertical sections to give aerodynamics to the hair. A movement that is often also sought with the long fringe, open on the front with a styling a little random.

The medium-to long-term of the spring of 2020 is feminine and sophisticated

A proposal for cutting medium-to-long Franck Provost

Look soft that follow the oval of the face characterize the cut medium-long spring 2020. In the case where the waves are more structured, usually, always look for a naturalness that marks a breaking point with the styling of the “design” of the past years. In short, while in motion, these cuts retain their apparent simplicity.

Cuts full, but light at the same time

The textures, the cuts in the medium-and long-term of the spring are full-bodied and at the same time lightweight, for styling is not very defined which is inscribed in the trend of randomness. Perfect for those with little time to devote to styling. The final effect of the cut is sophisticated but contemporary.

Simple cuts for medium length

for A proposal from Jean Louis David

Simplicity in the language of hair for the spring and summer of 2020 does not mean banality, but simplicity and ease of use. The cuts are made, in fact, to simplify the life of contemporary ladies, always running. They are perfect for those who has the hair from slightly wavy to straight, but also for those who know how to use very well brush and hair dryer. ll brushing these cut is in fact soft, worked with the round brush to lift the roots and increase the movement of the tuft and sides.

Cuts average portable

for A proposal from Jean Louis David

The other key word to keep in mind for cutting medium-to-long is portability, a feature that is synonymous with versatility. In particular, the square-medium-long inspiration from the ’90s is rounded on the inside, slightly climbed and walked on the ends to give movement and harmony together. Are cuts that can be worn also super smooth.

The long-cut straight to

A proposal is easily recognized

Smooth, with parting in the center, cut along more classic is renewed with color games that simulate freckles…but on the hair! It is the new techniques of colour that move on the hair effects the artistic avant-garde, as if the hair was a canvas on which to unleash their creativity. And so the “usual” smooth buy motion, light!

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