Sexy, Chic, Elegant But Also Easy And Easy To Make For An Every Day Look Different

There are those in the French style, those high on the spine of the fish, or low side, those of a snake, a circle, and then the infamous “boxer”. You have understood that true? We are talking about the beautiful braids. Those who, in whatever way you want to call it, make you feel just perfect.

The braid can become in a very short time, your, rather, our, more, dear friend because it is elegant and chic with outfits is extremely elegant, but able to “relax” in moments of leisure and relaxation, such as a trip to the countryside or a barbecue with friends.

But the tresses are also the starting point for many hairstyles: you can make a low bun; or catch two ‘a crown’ on the head or even focus on braids and tufts free in a mix that offers naturalness, but also the volume. You just need to the most classic of the braids fixed laterally and in a moment you’ll be ready for an important evening.

In short, the braids always work: together with the bun and ponytail are capable in just a few minutes (just because it easy and fast to accomplish) to solve any problem, look. And you can implement them on a head dry (but be careful that the hair isn’t too clean otherwise escape to the clips) or wet for a wet-look even more glamorous.

But you want to know another reason why we like them so much braids? Because they have an extra gear compared to other hairstyles: a sometimes loose, in fact, you will have beautiful waves and curls in your hair for a “second look” wild and aggressive. First the bon-ton and then a wild twist. And all thanks to a braid!

Braids French

braid, French collects all the hair starting from the hairline: the procedure may seem complicated, but once learned, it will become mechanical. The hairstyle is modern, easy, and perfect to combat the summer heat.

Braid cascade

is Ideal for foliage from the mood romantic and bohemian, to make the braid, and the waterfall just play with skill. It starts from the opposite starting to make a little braid in the horizontal direction, which surrounds the head, and to each braid, and inserted a few strands of hair down, always taking a lock of the new until you get behind the nape of the neck.

Braid the Dutch

The braids, the Dutch seem to be resting on the top of the head and seem to be the most voluminous of the others because it is braided instead. In practice, instead of placing individual strands of hair on the former, the hairs are twisted starting from the bottom. And the result is a three-dimensional effect.

Braid high herringbone

The fishtail braid is a variation of cool the classic braid. Pick up the hair in a queue (high) and divide it into two equal sections. Grasp the lock of hair from the right side and pass it on the main. Then add it to the lock of the left. And now do the same on the other side. Proceed alternating between the two sides until you get to the tips.

Boxer braids

From boxing to fashion league, debunk the myth that it sees the tresses boxer a prerogative of the sports and alleviation to hairstyle great style as well as have already done a lot of star. The two braids, which remain adherent to the head and are braided from the forehead, you can take it anywhere, with results that are also very chic.

Braid with short hair

Who said that to make the braids serve the long hair? With a bob, a bob, or wob, you can opt for a chaplet woven, one side mini boxer braids: if your braids end at the height of the neck even more your face and your look will be beautifully rock-glam.

Plait snake

One of the latest trends arrived from the social that relates to our hair is a snake braid: the rope braid, the serpent that rages on the heads to make them alluring and elegant at the same time. And it’s less complicated than you may think.

Braided elegant side

The braid on the side is an alternative very trendy to the classic braid is made using the whole length of the hair, but depending on the cut, equal to, or scaled, if it can run of different types. And the beauty is that you can embellish with a valuable accessory.

The half braid

The half braid is a half-tail “enriched” with a pinch of creativity: it is very helpful to a spray fixative, or texture or a dry shampoo, especially if hair is not more fresh of dry. In a moment, you’re ready to go.

Braid mermaid

For the braid to the mermaid you have to have long hair: a hairstyle is very basic, but at the same time very feminine. The braid mermaid has a touch of the wild, which allows it to be worn soft and disheveled hair, creating asymmetry and volume of the crown, or bon ton and ordered.

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