The Advice Of The Hair Stylist To Enhance The Face In The Shape Of A Triangle (Like The One Of Top Model Karlie Kloss). And A Rundown Of The Cuts Of The Star To Which To Draw Inspiration. For All Lengths

A large forehead, cheekbones, more or less, and a pointed chin are the main characteristics of a triangular face. Model Karlie Kloss (pictured at the opening) is a perfect example. To identify the shape of your face and see if it is a triangle, do as she pulls back her hair and watched in the mirror. The typical geometric figure with three sides, you will jump to the eyes. This type of face is also called a heart, just because the tip (of the triangle) is facing down.

How to enhance the triangular face with the cutting

The main goal of cutting is to balance the upper part of the face, trying to narrow the front. Yes to a tuft at the side so that you create movement, and also to the fringe, with due caution. The fringe right to the face, the triangle must be full, the fashion show and not too geometric.

“On a triangular face must be absolutely avoided geometry and rigid, preferring cuts soft, with edges slightly marked and mostly very light, so you can lighten the lines” suggests, the hair stylist Alessandro Jesuit who, after 12 years at the side of Aldo Coppola, has recently opened in Milan, Alessandro Gesuita LAB.

“A line quite suitable to this type of facial may be a medium cut short the ’70s revisited in a modern key, and then with volumes on the upper and softness in the surrounding parts of the face. To lighten it a little more, it may be useful to also sketch out some lightening here and there”.

The cuts to avoid

The hair is too long, cut equal and brought too stretched, they would lengthen even more the chin, and would seem on the face even more triangular. The helmet must be rough and wavy, while the short cut is best of both studied art with wispy the cheekbones and not to leave too discovery the front.

Examples of faces triangular for inspiration

Here then is a rundown of the cuts of all lengths to save with a screenshot (and take it to the salon) if you have the face triangle. All or almost represent the hair tip, provided by the expert.

The care moved Karlie Kloss

Is probably the cut is the most guessed in order to develop a triangular face. The photo is of 2013 but has made the school, given that he coined a new term: wob, the contraction of the large object (other name to indicate the helmet) and waves.

The hair, the scaled Jennifer Love Hewitt

With the triangular face and the long hair are not advised against, as long as they are scaled expertly to the sides. Excellent choice to bring the clump to the side, and full: he breaks the front, making the face more harmonious.

The medium cut “lightweight” by Taylor Swift

the cutting of The singer is so guessed that you forget to have a triangular face. The length is well-calibrated to the height of the chin with layers “invisible” that give volume. The fringe is full but light and the styling is moved do the rest.

The yoke with airy Julianne Hough

The face of the singer and actress, winner of 2 editions of Dancing with the stars USA is decidedly triangular, with a chin is sharp and the bone of the jaw is a little strong. However, the loin soft styled in a not-too-rigorous graces of his traits.

The tuft of Reese Witherspoon

American actress loves the long and emphasizes her doll-like face. Scaling the side is very gradual its cutting accompany perfectly the perimeter of the triangle that emerges clearly from his face.

The cut is ultra short Scarlett Johansson

strictly speaking, if we want to be “pessimistic”, the cut is a little too short for the triangular face of the beautiful Scarlett. Highlights the pointy chin in contrast with high cheekbones. Cutting so short, it could, however, be a choice to show their face to the heart as its distinguishing feature.

Cutting the years ’70 of Kylie Minogue

The one in the photo is the classic cut ’70s to the Farrah Fawcett revisited in a contemporary key. It is indeed less than the runway, but maintains the same volume on the sides of the face. A great choice if you prefer to leave the discovery of their large forehead, a feature of the triangular face.

The beach waves Kate Hudson
If you want to bring the hair line in the middle, instead of to the side, as is suggested by the hair stylist, a Jesuit, a nice cut to take inspiration from is that of the american actress. The undulations read that come on the cheekbones to make the face more oval, making it seem as if precisely the less edgy.

The scaled precise Christina Ricci

Finally, the exception that confirms the rule. In this photo, the ex-Wednesday of the Addams family brings a cut that is generally not recommended to those who have a triangular face, and his especially so. The cut is in fact geometric, a little bit strict and emphasized by a fold super smooth.
The plus that makes it a winner? The scaling step by step make one with the contours of the face.

It Is For This Reason That The Color Blonde Is One Of The Most Requested


In the top ten there is you, the legendary Elle Woods, or, better, Reese Witherspoon, the blonde par excellence who has proved to the world (not just at the cinema) that being blonde does not mean to be ditzy, superficial, and without a brain: in the film legally blonde 2001, ms. Woods is a young, spoiled and blonde (needless to say) girl, who lives according to the rules of Cosmopolitan, passing her days among her friends, and shopping, and always bringing with him his beloved chihuahua Tyson. A disappointment in love, will take you to Harvard University to study law and to see that blondes are anything but frivolous.

It’s been nearly two years since Reese Witherspoon has taken his revenge (with a lot of sequels and a third episode waiting for 2020) and the film has become a cult and a manifesto for all women by the hair, which for years have been victims of prejudice on their intellectual ability: “All the fault of blonde ambition,” explains Elle.

The blonde is always a trend

In short, the blond never goes out of fashion and Hollywood is the confirmation. At the cinema, in fact, the blonde locks seem to have a huge success, so much so that among the ten highest-paid actresses, for the most part has shots of the sun or of light, shades of honey, wheat or toffee, platinum, or champagne. It will be because men “prefer blondes” or because, as experts, the blond softens the lineamente and helps to camouflage the small fine lines around the eyes and lips?

In the meantime, what is certain, is that the “blonditude” is an attitude, a state of mind. There are people who, even if born chestnut like the eternal Marilyn Monroe, you feel immediately the blondes in the soul. Others, who, though blonde, not ever happen.

Here are the 10 stars that are blonde on the inside and the outside (from the set)!


Michelle Pfeiffer remains one of the most charming women of the big screen, one of the few not to have succumbed (or almost) to cosmetic surgery, maintaining altogether its charm, and his magnetic gaze. Delicious in Cherì, where played a noblewoman in love with a man much younger than her, and definitely sexy with her Elvira Hancock in Scarface alongside Al Pacino. It was the young Michelle to make the famous blond caramel. It is a blond to be customized according to the complexion and to the color of the eyes, can turn on different shades depending on the mood.


It is always the shades of blonde preferred by Sharon Stone. How is it made? The hair strands are selected and separated singularly by expert hands and the color is distributed in such a way that the outer part is increasingly clear and bright, internally, however there are darker shades. From the time of Basic Instinct, the beautiful Stone has sported several different looks, from the runway to the helmet, by fragia to the boycut, but has always remained true to his blond champagne.

The platinum blonde is certainly the most “difficult” in absolute. It is perfect for women who have a poor cold, because the platinum hair tends to bring out the “yellow” of the undertones in warm skin. Gives much to those who have eyes and skin clear, but also the natural color of hair must be clear enough, otherwise the regrowth becomes a problem. When you say platinum, you say Marilyn Monroe because of her and in such films as When the wife is on vacation if the women of half the world continue to adore this fantastic shade of blonde.


The ash blonde blends in wonderfully with all ages, it suits all skin tones and all lengths of hair. It is enough to love him? It is one of the shades easy to wear and maintain. And it is even extremely elegant and refined.

From model Cara Delevigne to the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson there are many celebrity who have worn and continue to do so but one of the first was, without a doubt, Melanie Griffith: former Johnson and Banderas made him famous in the film, A career woman.


Today is perhaps “ruined” by the excessive recourse to plastic surgery, but those who do not remember in you’ve got mail and City of angels? The helmet is the wild and choppy Meg Ryan color of gold or honey blonde has brought really a lot of luck. Suited to those with a warm undertone, honey is a tones multi-dimensional, thanks to its thousand reflections that catch the light. The only flaw? Blond hair honey are only suited to the young and offer the best on tanned skin for a sun kissed true Californian girl.


Everyone remembers the beautiful legs of Kim Basinger in Nine and a half weeks, but in only a few today remember his dark blonde in the film Dreaming of Africa. Yet it was one of the shades most sought after for over a decade. The dark blond is perhaps the most “trivial” but also very easy to carry (because that is what looks most natural). And it is also the shades of blonde the most easy-to-obtain: to get enough thin instant highlights – only about twenty strands in all – following the rules of the hair-the contouring.


This type of blond is light, bright and sometimes iridescent over the entire length: it is so called because it recalls the bright color of the ears of corn in the summer and was brought to the fore by the legendary Brigitte Bardot the icon of cinema, of fashion and beauty that has revolutionized the Sixties with her sex appeal and her look so fresh and innovative for those years. His blond hair still remains today among the most appreciated and copied.


The beautiful and very blonde hair, california, Cameron Diaz, despite being biona natural, has sported many shades of blonde from darker than light brown, up to the most as clear as the blond vanilla: this is a nuance very fresh and clean, that give to all textures of hair, from curly and full-bodied those smooth and very fine. For us it was practically perfect in All against him. A single tip: this color requires a lot of attention because it is always bright and does not notice the regrowth.


Another one of the blondes to the excellence of the big and small screen, beloved for his many changes of dress, is the former protagonist of Gossip Girl, the show that from 2007 to 2012 she has been literally going crazy all, Blake Lively. It is a blond from a dark base (although still blonde) and then gradually becomes more clear on the lengths and ends. Sometimes reaching even to the borders of platinum. Reminiscent of the shadings of the hair of the girls after a holiday at the sea.


The actress los angeles (could not have been born blonde!) Gwyneth Paltrow, apart from the rare occasion like in the movie Sliding doors, it has always chosen not to “alter” the color california natural. Anyone who dares blond classic as she should have facial features harmonious and clear skin, but it is said that it must necessarily have blue eyes, on the contrary, the colour of the iris hazel-is put very much emphasis on blonde hair.

Why Is Henna Good For Hair

Directly from the Middle East comes the henna, the powder colorant of natural origin perfect for dyeing hair and skin. Famous in Africa and in India, where it is used for the temporary tattoos, the extract from the shrub  known as “henna”, henna has become a true must-have for those looking for a natural dye that does not cause harm to the hair and that, in fact, go to feed it and to enrich it.

Why is henna good for hair

If the first impact, after you have used henna, the hair can seem to be slightly more dry, dust, natural will make your hair even more luminous and healthy: within 2-3 washings, in fact, the annoying feeling of dryness will go away.

The difference between a dye and chemical staining-based natural henna is just in the action on the hair. The first, in fact, penetrates the cuticle going to change the structure; the second, instead, is deposited on the individual hair like a varnish giving you clarity, strength, discipline, and making the hair even more smooth.

But this is not the only positive aspect, in fact, the henna, it also has an effect by acting on the scalp, fighting dandruff and oily seborrhea. Automatically, the hair, it will become even more voluminous and lightweight.

Juggling between the various types of henna can be quite complicated and, for this, it is good to know all the details to make an accurate choice and suits every person. In the trade, you can find two types of henna:

Natural henna, with the addition of dye-a synthetic red non-harmful to health if used in low dosages. The result of the pose after only two hours will be very intense and will darken with the passage of time. Not recommended for use on hair dyed in recent times;

Natural: this type of henna turns to shades of orange and, in addition to having to star in pose for three hours or more, it needs to be oxidized before being applied to the hair.

Henna for blonde hair

in Spite of many set out the henna only and exclusively to the red hair, this color natural can be used also for giving prominence to the reflections of blond hair, and light brown. Enriched with powders of chamomile or rhubarb, the more that colour the hair, this mixture gives the effect of highlighting that, however, is not going to cover the white hair or regrowth.

Cassia Ob ovate powder – natural henna for blonde hair (Davis Finest)

Cassia Ob ovate to Davis Finest in addition to being easy-to-prepare leaves hair silky and shiny. Perfect to be mixed with other herbs and natural dyes, this type of henna is the ideal choice for those who want to revive the blond and give him new reflections.

Useful to give volume to the hair, flat and thicken hair leaving it shiny, thick, strong and healthy. The Cassia can be applied on all types of hair, including white ones, which, after application, will be blond, pale, and decidedly more shining.

Henna blond powder bio microscopical sifted triple (Indus Valley)

Free of pesticides, dust, micro-fine and triple sieving: the henna of the Indus Valley is perfect for those who do not want to use chemicals.
By sealing the hair cuticles, prevent breakage and boost shine as well as make them beautiful.

Hydrating, anti fungal and antimicrobial: this henna cools and soothes the scalp, helping to eliminate dandruff and itching. Perfect to cover grey hair but, it is well to remember, that is not shown to lighten brown hair, brown and red.

henna for red hair

Thanks to its natural properties, is the perfect choice for dye, of course, the hair red, or to add to the heavy grain mahogany to shades of chestnut and more. In this case, the henna-natural is the ideal solution, also perfect to revive the natural reflexes already present.

Henna red copper powder

To some reflex copper it never says no, and the henna red copper powder is the perfect choice for not having to resort to chemicals. Also ideal for those who want to cover up the regrowth of hair or white hair without the use of ammonia, chemical substances, silicone, petrolatum.

Thanks to the natural herbs in powder already in previous mixes, just simply add warm water until the mixture is creamy. Of course, also in this case it is possible to increase the moisturizing power, thanks to a touch of honey and yogurt in the dough.

Small trick to improve the oxidation? Use the lukewarm vinegar instead of water.

red Henna egyptian

To be applied on clean hair, in order to facilitate the outlet of the color, henna red egyptian will give new hues to hair, auburn. Perfect to cover white hair, mixed with tea and/or lemon juice instead of water and leaving it laying throughout the night, he will give the crown for shine and strength.

The dust ground as thin, in addition, is easy-to-emulsion, and, in the case of texture too powdery, just add a little balm to the mixture.

Little trick: comb hair thoroughly before application to remove all nodes, and facilitate the preparation of the cream of henna. To maintain the temperature, also, it will be possible to heat the mixture on the hair, after application, by using the hot air of the hair dryer for about 15 minutes. Then proceed with the usual time of laying.

Henna for brown hair and brown

Stove usually brown, flat and without life? Henna is a natural solution for those who want a change without going overboard, and enriching the hair of reflections rich and full-bodied. The natural tones of henna brown and Bruno allow you to turn the locks of the hair on the mahogany, copper and plum.

Henna brown

Plants harvested by hand and dried naturally, and henna brown, caramel, will give your hair a sweet reflection of Bruno thanks to the mix of Indigo with the boron de us that will strengthen its nuances adding a light touch of copper.

As already said, the henna, it could dry hair gently and, for this, in the case of fine hair, or damaged hair, just add a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, coconut oil, or Shea butter you can say goodbye to effect services and welcome the foliage shiny and healthy.

Henna dark brown

Hair brittle, and the tips burned? Henna is the natural solution to be tested before resorting to the dreaded box de barber.

Just build a mixture by adding the powder to the lukewarm water and, if necessary, of the aloe vera to prevent dryness of the foliage; apply all over hair and leave on for three hours, the whole covered by the film.

Also fat hair will benefit from this color: in addition to being more alive and shiny, the power will reduce the number of washes weekly giving, at the same time, of very good volume.

Little tip: after shampoo and conditioner make a final rinse acid by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to a liter and put in the fresh water.

Cover grey hair with henna may seem like a real challenge, but if you are familiar with the product, you can do it without fear and without the risk of ending up with a point too important.

The first council, in this case, is to use a henna hair brown or mahogany, so as to avoid ending up with shades of copper or metal. The second thing is to put extreme attention to the herbs contained in the henna for hair-white, you should not miss (the only one able to cover the hair) in conjunction with indigo or that will dampen the tone too red.

Attention: these mixes will download with the time, but the color will not go away.

Henna mahogany hair with white Tea, Nature)

4 tablespoons of powder, a little bit of warm water and 1 tablespoon of salt to help the fixation: just a little to create the perfect blend thanks to the henna mahogany Tea Nature.

Just apply the mixture to damp hair and cover with a shower cap and heating it with a hair dryer. Little trick: leave the compound, prior to application, for at least 15 minutes to give it time to oxidize stirring occasionally.

After rinsing, the color is not quite intense? No fear, no drying will increase the oxidation giving even more body to the color and doing away with the white hair.

Red henna for white hair

A real beauty treatment and strengthen hair from the root the same in the natural way: the natural pigments of henna egyptian is the ideal place to say goodbye to white hair without the use of the chemical.

The covering power, additionally, you will avoid making a double application on white hair that, at times, is necessary to allow to the mixture to increase the socket on the areas of rain.

A tablespoon of yogurt or honey added to hot water and the powder will allow you to get a hair soft from the first rinsing in addition to adding a delicious scent.

How to use and apply the henna

Henna, currently, the market is in the form of powder before being applied, it must be mixed properly with hot water. Among the various tricks to improve the performance of the dust to natural you can add vinegar, lemon or yogurt, acidic substances that will increase the oxidation to prolong the results; or, to avoid the effect dry, you can add one or two tablespoons of honey or vegetable oils.

To apply the henna in the correct way, first of all, it is good to apply a throw or a cream body fat along the hairline and on the ears: in this way it will be easier to avoid staining the skin. After you have made the mixture of henna, which should have a consistency rather thick, divide hair into sections and start the application from behind going forward, first on the roots and then the tips.

Leave everything in the pose, covered with plastic wrap or a shower cap, for at least three hours. Then move on to the rinse and cleansing with a classic shampoo.

Attention: it is better to avoid using containers or spoons to metal, always better to the plastic and, in addition, it is recommended to keep the mixture in a water bath during the application to keep it always up to temperature.

Focus On To The World Of Beauty Where The Catwalk Reveal To Us What Will Be The Trends Dedicated To Make-Up And Hair.

Color, finish, size and styling: from the eye makeup to the lips, going for manicure and hair, also this year the make-up artist and hair stylist have been able to play skillfully with contrasts and telling the collections of the designers through the beauty world.

The time has come to shine a spotlight on the trends that will populate the autumn/winter 2020.

In recent years, the trend to make up natural is always stronger and the latest fashion week are proving, once again, how the desire to show off a skin that is clean and perfect is the winning choice. A few simple steps that transform your skin a clean natural look, where the eyebrows are always defined and labeled, while the rest of the face seems to be left free from any type of concealer, powder or blush.

The lips, the clash of trends
From New York city, as seen on the catwalk, arrive full lips, intense and the effect bold: effect is full coverage without errors or burrs.
Milan, since the first fashion show, has lips that are clean, without a trace of lipstick if not a very light layer of foundation to smooth the slight discoloration. Gucci, No. 21, Jil Sander and not only focuses on lipstick and nude on the lips are completely natural.

The eye makeup for the cold season
That is high, low or half-one thing is certain: the ponytail is the hairstyle to wear this fall winter 2020. Revised and reinterpreted, both in the key of chic in key pop, this hairstyle is back to peeking between the trends of the season. Perfect for any occasion, elegant thanks to motion blur in a combination designed by Oscar de la Renta, but also for a different evening from the usual with the proposal that is reminiscent of the ’80s presented by Byblos.

Prada, in Milan, choose the simplicity, and propose two pony tails low and very similar between them perfect to wear both day and evening, in addition to being really easy to replicate.

Natural or constructed, dense, or soft and flowing: curls and waves are back bullies among the hair trends of autumn/winter 2020. The hair styles, Afro they are let free to express themselves in all their beauty, the natural curls come to life and conquer the volume become real protagonists of the look and styling. Finally, his curls skillfully constructed art to complement the sleek look giving character, style and elegance.

A touch of colour never hurts and, then, why relegate it only to the summer and the sunny days when it can be a great way to bring back a bit also for the cold season? This fall/winter 2020 will be impossible to give up an eye shadow colorful, vibrant and intense. That is monochrome or with more nuances, the important thing will be only one: to have fun!

Could not miss this Mos chino that, once again, brings a bit of irreverence on the catwalks of Milan, thanks to her eye make up is super colorful with a cat-eye liner stretched.

For the season autumn/winter 2020 the hair is intertwined to leave the face free from clumps and fringes and tighten the eye to one of the hairstyles most elegant that there is: the braid. Double or single box or french braids: any will be the chosen look for the cold season, the braid may not be among the hairstyle trend.

For a look that’s sporty would be better to opt for the proposal of the Prada with the center row and double long braids at the sides, while for the Max Mara the choice falls on a great classic with a braid to the French.

Simple Cuts With Soft Lines And Full Characterize The Trends For Medium Hair-Long Of The Summer Season

The cuts for medium hair-long for the spring and summer of 2020 are characterized by soft lines that allow you to vary the styling of the infinity. The leitmotif that unites all of the cuts is the naturalness, which is translated in practice, this means to enhance all types of hair, for a more democratic styles. Away for free, then, to the wavy hair, curls and of course straight, provided they are not too structured and too, among the hair trends for Spring-Summer 2020.

Wavy hair provide, therefore, light waves, such as those that are after you loose the braids; but also beach wave just almost mentioned and the curls loose style of the Venus of Botticelli.
The straight hair in the spring of 2020 are never the ultra-thin, as in past seasons, but prefer a more fluid and a touch more remember to take a look at the hair color trend for the hot season.

cutting medium-to-long that goes for more? To cut equal lengths, straight or just climbing on the tips to give movement to the look as a whole. The effect is a hair creme that does not know too many gradients, if not at the height of the neck.
Back, additionally, the tuft voluminous that “breaks” the monotony of cutting the medium along. The door to the side and quite long, up to touch the jaw. We can also combine with hair accessories, super trendy in the last period.

the lengths of The cuts? Varies from medium-long, that is, with the tips touching the shoulders and long, well past her shoulders. In all cases, the effects are always full-bodied, or to the maximum elevation along the vertical sections to give aerodynamics to the hair. A movement that is often also sought with the long fringe, open on the front with a styling a little random.

The medium-to long-term of the spring of 2020 is feminine and sophisticated

A proposal for cutting medium-to-long Franck Provost

Look soft that follow the oval of the face characterize the cut medium-long spring 2020. In the case where the waves are more structured, usually, always look for a naturalness that marks a breaking point with the styling of the “design” of the past years. In short, while in motion, these cuts retain their apparent simplicity.

Cuts full, but light at the same time

The textures, the cuts in the medium-and long-term of the spring are full-bodied and at the same time lightweight, for styling is not very defined which is inscribed in the trend of randomness. Perfect for those with little time to devote to styling. The final effect of the cut is sophisticated but contemporary.

Simple cuts for medium length

for A proposal from Jean Louis David

Simplicity in the language of hair for the spring and summer of 2020 does not mean banality, but simplicity and ease of use. The cuts are made, in fact, to simplify the life of contemporary ladies, always running. They are perfect for those who has the hair from slightly wavy to straight, but also for those who know how to use very well brush and hair dryer. ll brushing these cut is in fact soft, worked with the round brush to lift the roots and increase the movement of the tuft and sides.

Cuts average portable

for A proposal from Jean Louis David

The other key word to keep in mind for cutting medium-to-long is portability, a feature that is synonymous with versatility. In particular, the square-medium-long inspiration from the ’90s is rounded on the inside, slightly climbed and walked on the ends to give movement and harmony together. Are cuts that can be worn also super smooth.

The long-cut straight to

A proposal is easily recognized

Smooth, with parting in the center, cut along more classic is renewed with color games that simulate freckles…but on the hair! It is the new techniques of colour that move on the hair effects the artistic avant-garde, as if the hair was a canvas on which to unleash their creativity. And so the “usual” smooth buy motion, light!

Hair Color In The Spring And Summer Of 2020, The Nuance Of The Trend To Take Inspiration From

Great return of natural colors inspired by summer landscapes, recreating all the effects of earth, sand and sunsets (respectively the brown, blond and red)

There will be fun in the spring summer hair color! The key word is ” brightness: both in the traditional colours as the original ones, i.e. the primary colors, which now have become part of each palette worthy of the name. As a general trend emerges and the color is fairly uniform, that does not mean flat, but full-bodied. The shades of color remain, but they are well dosed in so as to overlap in a beautiful game of colors. No sharp contrasts, then, yes, the tone-on-tone ranging of 2 to a maximum of 3 shades.Positioned at the sides of the head to give light to the face and to add volume to hair. Always remember that even the hairstyle right, serving to enhance the color.

The color of fashion? The red, followed by the blond and the brown.

Trends blonde colour for spring / summer 2020

A blond very clear proposed by Franck Provost

Bright and vivid, the blond, out of fashion are those that are clear, ranging from blonde vanilla to the honey blonde. It is blond, cold, reminiscent of that is the colors of the fields of summer corn, when the ears are now completely dried.
Do not miss the platinum blonde and the blonde ice, with nuance crystal clear, almost white.
A little bucking in the spring / summer 2020 are blonde hot, that is, those crossed by red accents. The inspiration color is always that of a sunny beach composed of sand beige clear.

The red hair of spring, summer 2020

A shiny red

Is a red decided to of the summer season! The nuance? Virtually all of those in the red, from mahogany to titian red, passing through auburn. A particular mention deserves the red cherry in the hair, it declines in a coloring of this vitamin, which is immediately the summer. Despite being a cold shade (since it contains blue accents, the red cherry preserves a unique brilliance that makes it particularly cool.
Red hair for the spring and summer of 2020 are bright and intense as the colors of the sunsets or the sunrises in the summer.

Trends brown hair colour spring summer 2020: brown

A brown warm

The brown’s spring / summer 2020 found the warmth of the shades of the color “chestnut”. Via free, therefore, to all those brown – to be clear – the color of chocolate, coffee and cappuccino. Of the rage, additionally, the shades reminiscent of the earth and the hues of the undergrowth. Among all the colours of the hair, the brown are the ones where it is felt most, the tendency of the natural. It will be because it’s a color that closely resembles nature? And, since we speak of nature, back in great style, the black that recalls the ebony. As long as it is bright.

Colorful hair for spring summer 2020: the blue and the green

A proposal is easily recognized

The primary colors, i.e. green, blue, yellow, and pink are already a new classic in the color chart of every self-respecting collection. What is the difference compared to past years? Paradoxically, the fact that they are more natural, as if the colors are not conventional want to ride the trend prevailing in the natural way. What does it mean in practice? The green recalls the tones of the forest, the yellow of the petals of the flowers, the rose, the that of the living coral, the pantone color of the 2020. Are colors with which to dare, to be sure, but compared to past seasons remain more fresh and delicate. Anyone who is undecided, you can always choose to color in bold, only a few strands or the tips. And cutting buy character.

What Are The Cuts Most Fashionable? Here Are Some Ideas, For All Lengths Of Hair: Short, Medium, And Long

Trends in cuts, hair Spring-Summer 2020

Trends, spring summer hair cuts see the return of clean lines and deceptively simple. Apart from a few exceptions, the cuts are in fact structured in such a way as to give body and volume to the hair. And this is true both for medium hair-long and short ones. Return to the straight cuts, or just scaled, and that’s enough to enhance the face and the figure as a whole.

In the new season disappear scaling “wild” to leave the place to the threads to read, almost invisible, placed in a strategic way. The goal is, in fact, a head from the look airy and fluid.

Cuts short hair Spring-Summer 2020

The short cuts that are popular are those characterized by strands of various lengths. It is a way to make the look versatile to the face: just use gels and waxes to interpret every day in a female role is different. How to act, then? Short cuts will lead to both tufts, front and side covered along the contours of the face is slightly decomposed, and positioned toward the top.

Do not miss helmets, as that wonderful worn by Charlize Theron to the Oscars, which this year found the same geometric cut to Valentina by Guido Crepax, that is, with a fringe, short length just below the chin.

Cuts medium hair Spring-Summer 2020

A proposal that is easily recognized

Few seasons the medium cutting is rampant as a trend, the undisputed, due to its portability. Is a cut comfortable both for straight hair and for those moved. But also the curly hair benefit, because it can play about scaling the transverse measures to maintain the curl elastic and fluid.
The cuts mean for the spring and summer of 2020 will ride the trend of simplicity, with the difference that, in addition to prefer straight lines, we also embrace the lines of plywood. In other words, a free scaling mild and read that recall the ’70s.

Cut long hair Spring-Summer 2020

Is the field in which it reigns the return to the classic for excellence. After years of scaling very visible, and strands of different lengths, the long hair of 2020 come to be cut equal. The scaled does not disappear completely, but is gentle and positioned at the bottom to give volume to the foliage.
A great return is that of the tuft side door full, and it becomes a distinctive element of the cutting.

Cuts with bangs Spring Summer 2020

A separate chapter deserve the cuts with fringe for the spring and summer of 2020. What leaps to the eye is that the fringe brings full and full-bodied. The length? Rather long, well over the eyebrows. In some cases, the fringe is so massive that is lightened with some thin along its edges. A fringe character, therefore, that does not pass unnoticed. For cutting medium and long.

Take A Look At The Proposals For The Autumn-Winter 2020: We Are Confident That You Will Find Your!

Short cuts: the kingdom of the trial, one in which the hairstylists give the best of themselves, as to creativity. Probably because the short cut is also the most challenging, since it is more difficult to do, as there were repeated from the girls our mothers. But also the most complex to bring, instead, how we see ourselves!

Yet, short hair is super refined (in the sense of a search on Google): to get inspiration or just to fantasize about a potential cut? The doubt remains. Since almost all of the short cuts they fondle the typical hypothesis: “As I would be if I have the short hair?”. Also in the one who is faithful for years to the long hair.

In the meantime, try to imagine your potential, change the look by browsing the short cuts of the autumn / winter 2019-2020.

short Hair: cuts on-trend inspiration in 2020

A fresh cut in his be classic. The locks are to be destructured, and that’s enough to harmonize with the face.

For those who: choose if you like to change every day look with wax modelling.

Grey hair: a perfect look to enhance the hair short.

For those who: choose if you make sure to “refresh” with a box at least every 3 weeks.

Framesi breaks the rules of the fringe offering a gritty V design, softened by schiariture placed ad hoc.

For those who: choose it if you are tired of the usual fringe.

The blond, the short-cut of This has an appeal to the metropolitan, which is reassuring.

For those who: choose if you have hair that does not need to be piastrati every day.

Hair short, curly, no problem for the idea proposed by Z. One concept. A cut voluminous but at the same time composed.

For those who: choose if you want to wear their hair short, enhancing your natural curls.

Company the Beauty the short cut for straight hair becomes just walked for the make volume. Interesting the idea to have highlights to contrast.

For those who: choose if you have straight hair that needs more body.

In the short-cut of EVOS, the tuft’s important to the protagonist is to balance the volumes of the face.

For those who: choose it if you like the idea of having hair that will hide his eyes a little, for a mysterious effect.

Cut very short by the form firm of the cut that gives the face a sensual, almost fragile.

For those who: choose it if you love the look of the Mia Farrow.

Cutting the bowl of the Framesi. A strict cut and super precise, very much in vogue in the years ’90, who is going out of fashion (see Charlize Theron). Interesting the idea to paint it green on the tips.

For those who: choose it if you are nostalgic of the twenty years famous for the era of the super model, from Linda Evangelista to Naomi Campbell.


There Is Always The Right Way To Style And Also While Doing Sports.

If during training it is best to avoid putting on makeup to allow the skin to breathe, it is not necessary to renounce to a simple hairstyle to keep the hair and be cool even on the carpet or on the step. From braids, to the code through the messy bun: hairstyles for sports are many, to show off in the gym and not only.

1. The high tail

Is the hairstyle you sport more easy to do, but always to great effect: the high tail. Synonymous with elegance and rigor, winking an eye to the ’80s where he was a real must-have inside and outside the gym. Those who love the style of strict and doesn’t accept a hair out of place, you can opt for a hairstyle compact with the help of a comb with narrow teeth and a little gel.

To top everything off, a cover of elastic jewel, the true trend of the last year.

2. The braid crown

Perfect for those with longer hair, the braid crown is the hairstyle that is ideal in and out of the gym. A low bun, with a braid, and thick, which adds to the hairstyle of the sport.

Choose this if you need to do a light form of physical activity, such as a session of yoga, in no time you will be able to reach the friends for a drink without having to worry about hair.

3. Short hair

It is not a real hairstyle, but if you’re have short hair are what you are looking for. Simple to care for, in form, easy to wash and dry after an intense session of workout. If you’re curly, indeed, super curly, do not overdo it with scissors, but takes advantage of the natural volume and have fun playing, why not, with a few accessories.

Remember: never forget the diffuse to the hair dryer.

4. The messy bun

Perhaps it is one of the hairstyles sporting the most easy to implement: just an elastic and a few simple motion to achieve a look not bad. No brush and no hairpins: the more, the chignon is disheveled the better. Play with the locks of hair fall to the sides to make the look even more messy, but carefully.

A perfect hairstyle also matched a style of rock before or after your workout.

5. The boxer braids

Just as the name suggests, the boxer braid are the hairstyle sports for excellence. Loved the boxer of the whole world, this hairstyle is perfect for all types of hair: from curly and voluminous for most purposes and without fiber.

The braids on the head, in fact, are ready to withstand the toughest workouts hard and intense. Nothing locks in front of your face and no clumps free, which come out between a bend and another. In order to keep them in order, remember a coat of lacquer before exercising.

6. The low tail

Simple, elegant, and always to great effect: the low tail is the one for you, especially if you’ve chosen a medium cut or just below the shoulders. Often underestimated, this hairstyle sports is perfect to collect the hair in no time.

To make it even more stylish, just take a strand from the back of the tail and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a hairpin. An idea not to be underestimated, even for the most important occasions and formal.

7. The crop with band

Find the come hairstyle to exercise when you have a short-cut, maybe with a tuft or a fringe, it can be a real challenge. The solution, in this case, is easily solved with a little accessory: the headband.

Thick or thin, that is, adds a touch of style to the utility, even better if combined with a low bun and your outfit of the day. Not forgetting, of course, a couple of hairpins to stop the tuft or fringe.

8. The braided side –

Maxi lengths are never easy to manage in gyms: the bun is too bulky and tails, high or low, are still to annoy you. If you hair is extra long, even better if it’s curly or wavy, keep them at bay during your workouts with a braid to the side, or classic French, rich and full.

Also in this case, you will be able to complete the hairstyle with a headband or a headband.

9. The space bun

The sport, as well as allowing us to stay in shape and to vent all the stress, it is also an excellent method to express ourselves without fear and without prejudice. And then why not opt for the space bun? Two pigtails high that you turn into a small messy bun: a look irreverent and perfect for those who are called the trend in and out of the gym.

10. The pigtails

Love to bring the crown open and the hairstyle ’90s, you are still in my heart? Don’t worry, we have a perfect hairstyle for sports, also for you. The braids tight to the head are a real must for the adolescence of many, and now they are returning to conquer the tops of many of them.

Are not easy to do, but if you have a little bit of manual work are a useful solution especially if you have long hair and bulky.

Now you have to do is choose your look and begin to sweat, but with a style not indifferent!

Explore The Colors Of The Earth, As To Express A Renewed Love For Nature

Brown, from the Latin refers to the color of chestnuts. And nothing new here. The novelty is that the brown of the autumn-winter 2019 and 2020 are full, intense and quite, I decided, just like the skins of the fruits of autumn. The look is clear: the shades chestnut of the season evoke wood, bark of trees and undergrowth of forests.

The inspiration comes from the earth (in the literal sense): brown is the color of the earth. Then, the accent on this color, so natural, seems to reflect the relevance of all the issues related to the environment. And if we wanted to show our nature loving (also) through the hair?

Translated in terms of hair color, it means that the brown trendiest tends to be uniform, outlawing all forms of contrasts and streaks to the net. This does not mean that meshes on brown hair are out of fashion: if you like, ask your hair colorist to realization in the way just mentioned, to illuminate the hair in a natural way.

Brown: the nuance of the trend in the autumn 2019-20

In an ideal ranking of brown, wins the height of the tone in the color chart of the hair is equivalent to 4, that is, the “true” brown. Sometimes they are lit by reflected hazelnut, the other warmed by shades of copper. And it is the brown and copper color, and the color brown the most on-trend autumn / winter 2019-20. A color that transmits vitality and envelops the foliage of the passion.

Let’s see in detail the nuance of chestnut hair, more trendy.

Dark brown with shades of tone-on-tone

It is a dark brown “scratched” copper look, Jean Louis David, made even more interesting by styling with gel, which puts in light the mix-harmonic.

Choose it if: you want to lighten just your dark brown natural.

Brown, shiny, rather shiny!

The beauty of brown is that, when the hair is healthy, it is bright up to look polished. Just like this proposal, color of Z. One Concept: it reflects the light from far away. And this is enough to create a look that “speaks for itself”. How to get it? With the many treatments that nourish the hair, but also with in-salon services from hair gloss.

Choose it if: you’re a fan of the colors uniform.

Brown auburn or reddish brown?

The doubt between the two colors (brown or copper) is very strong to become a headache! Yet, this color is “undefined” embodies well the beauty of nature, when, for example, the autumn landscape is framed by the vast colors of the foliage.

Choose it if: you’re there there undecided if none to dye it red, but you have not (yet) have the courage to do it!

Brown with tips of copper

A chestnut is riding on the trend of the brown-clad one proposed by Franck Provost. The result is full and intense, softened just on the tips to make the yoke more voluminous. And to refine the face with effect of the contouring.

Choose if: you are looking for a way to brighten up your dark brown.

Light brown with hints of hazelnut

This is a offers a dark brown “brushed” by touches of brown color and caramel on the vertical sections. The effect is very harmonious thanks to the choice not to deviate too much from the base color.

Choose it if: you believe your brown hair is flat and trivial, wrong or any reason…!

Brown with shots of sun-ripened

Adore the shots of the sun at “bands”, starting from the root? With this harmony of brown and copper, the look of Schwarzkopf is the one for you.

Choose it if: the color in the round you know see.

Brown hair are not an oxymoron, as evidenced by this look of Schwarzkopf. The only caution is not to make it a shade too conflicting, otherwise it would seem contrived. The right combination? Brown and copper!

Choose it if: you have a head of hair long and voluminous that it needs to be lightened by a bleaching on the tips.

Brown hair with damage free

lightening of the coma in the horizontal direction, the damage free work in the vertical sense. The nuance of the trend are always on the copper effects the warm and enveloping.

Choose it if: you’d like your chestnut brown remains intact around the face, to be cleared only on the tips.

Brown with have highlights and more clear

It is a very effect sought, that proposed by easily recognized, one that uses advanced technology. Thanks to a tool-based magnetic mo’ stencil, transfers on the hair, artistic effect, as if the hair was a canvas on which to unleash their creativity.

Choose it if: you’re convinced that you can even dare with a normal brown!