True Hair Smooth Without The Plate You Can! However, If You Don’t Know How To Do It, We Have Gathered The Best Tips For A Crease Straight By Avoiding Sources Of Excessive Heat

Straight hair is the passion of many, but to be able to get the spaghetti perfect is not easy, and, moreover, often leads to an excessive stress to the hair itself because of the high temperatures reached by the plate. And yet, get the hair straight without the plate, it is possible, surely it takes more patience and want to apply, but you can do it by following the right steps and methods that now we can explain to you.

Use the right products

Although we think that the most important step to get hair straight without the use of the plate is drying, it is essential to take a step back. You have to go right from the washing, and then click the ad hoc products: yes to moisturizing products and designed especially for smooth hair or to make more easy the transition from rough to smooth.

Shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum will be your best friends; not to forget also the thermos protector spray before blow-drying.

How to dry the hair

Dry the hair in the right way is the first step to be able to avoid the plate, and still get smooth hair. After washing your hair, remember to always delete the excess water, but do this by dabbing the head and avoiding rubbing the whole. In this way, you respect the hair and avoiding the rubbing, the risk of breakage of the fibers and split ends.

Passing then to the hot air drying, avoid high temperatures and use the jet from the middle of the dryer. In order to realize the smooth perfect helped with a brush round, better if with bristles thick with the spout of the hair dryer, that direction the air in the right way.

Last tip: try to use the air jet in the vertical mode, thus increasing the possibility to get the hair super smooth.

Use the curlers XXL

The rollers are very popular in the past decades, are now fallen into disuse, yet even this tool is perfect for smoothing the hair without the use of the plate. The important thing is to choose one of the curlers is very large, thus avoiding the effect is the opposite: the moved.

To apply the rollers, and thus obtain the smooth effect without the use of the plate, you need to divide hair into multiple sections by pulling them towards the outside, place the curler under the tip and roll toward the head, creating a slight tension. Fixed then all the curlers to the head with bobby pins or beaks, and it dries with the hairdryer.

Hair smooth with the wheel in Swedish

The old grandma’s remedies are now back in great fashion: green and sustainable allow you to get the hair beautiful and shiny instead of using the various sources of heat. Do you know the wheel in Sweden? It was one of the main ways to get smooth hair without the plate when it still existed.

To achieve it you need to follow the different steps that need to be done with calm and attention. After having washed the hair and buffed with a towel to remove access water, combing the hair and divide them into small strands that spin around the head from right to left and from left towards the inside.

Fixed every single lock with a hairpin. If you want to get a smooth, perfect, as you pull the individual strands using a fine-tooth thick in order to make the whole thing more compact.

Of course, the next step is to wait, thus you will have to wait for the hair to dry naturally, even throughout the night.

To do this, you can also wrap your hair in the film food, but remember to moisturize you hair well before you start with the wheel Swedish: more the your hair remains moist, the more it will tend to become crepe.

Treatments keratin

Obviously to get smooth hair without the plate can also be used to treatments long-term or almost permanent, such as keratin. Relying on salons that have experience and apply this type of treatment will be possible both to reconstruct the hair itself is get a smooth dream. The important thing is consistency: repeat the keratin every 3/5 months to keep the hair super smooth and healthy.

A Hair Color Which Like The Rose, And Much More! To The Point That Each Year New Collections Are Created In Shades Of Pink From Which To Draw Inspiration. The Trend Of 2020?

Suitable for all ages, it is perfect to be carried on individual strands on the whole head of hair. In this case, is better suited to helmets asymmetrical, pixie-cut or a maximum of medium lengths.

Depending on the intensity of colour, the pink hair give a romantic look, or gritty. You have a rock soul? Choose shades shocking, that may be more or less heated, and tend to pink. Opt for delicate hues that evoke a fairy tale world. In the latter case, the pink is even more tenuous if veined with tones of lilac and wisteria. There is no shortage of salmon pink and peach, which give a more warm of the crown: are all those dyes which, in the jargon of the hair stylist, go under the name of the rose gold. Is a blonde tending to pink, which recalls the color of the sunrise, when the sky is crossed by a light irresistible.

Curious to discover the pink hair trendiest for 2020? See our selection: there is to be enchanted!

Baby pink for the most romantic

Is the most pink the classic that comes to mind when we just think about the color of the most romantic par excellence. One of the confetti and flakes of the new birth. Perfect on bleached hair and very fair complexion, otherwise it risks losing its evanescence.

Pink “millennial” for positive thinking

A pastel pink that communicates freshness and a sense of abstraction separate from reality, a desire common to most young people that rightly want to dream of…and for a long time. Beautiful the idea of the eye makeup en pendant. The proposal of This.

Pink gradient for the non-conformist

You like the effect bleached hair? Make it brighter with tips of pink, more or less heated. You will be the most intriguing and definitely trendy! But the eye is a look that requires a lot of maintenance.

A color Schwarzkopf Professional.

With the roots and dark, an air of radical chic

on The roots of dark are back in fashion, so much so that stars such as Margot Robbie and Kristen Stewart in the feature with nonchalance on the red carpet. Here’s a look pink-hair expertly shaded that avoids the odious effect regrowth.

Pink effect manga

The shade is a little cartoon that brings joy and implies a veil of malice. Delicious the combination of the pink with the cut, pixie-cut, worn in a messy. Seen on the catwalk.

Fluorescent pink for the more rebellious

A pink of transgression that draws its inspiration from the street style, the cradle always prolific of the most interesting trends.

Fuchsia pink for not go undetected

Solid and decided to courageous women who have the desire to communicate something strong. A bright colour from the genuine Taylor made.

Pink veined wisteria to delicate effects

An ultra-soft pink changing to lilac, with effects in gradient-shade on the lengths. As with all the shades of pink, even in this case, it is more suitable to a complexion. The look is of the Company of Beauty.

Pink pixie-cut messy

About short hair ruffled pink proves to be a winning choice, because it creates a perfect marriage with the intent of deliberately unconventional. And if combined with a makeup super color, the look exudes even more the desire of freedom. Seen on the catwalk.

Lilac was famed for his ethereal effect

A look that seems taken from a fairy tale, hair color of ice, crossed by accents of lilac. The set is super bright blue and very…young!

Bleached hair with tips of pink

In this outfit, the color of ice is even more polar, like that of the iceberg that the reflection of the light give off a slight glow and rose wines. The proposal of Z. one concept.

Rose gold in color…classic!

In the palette of colors for hair, the blond tending to pink is now a new classic. It is fun because it is indefinite: it heats the hair, which at the same time it remains cold, but never too much. In short, a look to choose if the “true pink,” don’t you feel ready!

True Fold Perfect Is The Dream Of All. It Is Certainly Not Easy, But By Following These 9 Tips Will Make It Last Longer

Straight, wavy, long or short. Of any kind will be the your hair, the worry of all is always and only one: how to prolong the fold without having to redo every day? A question for no obvious and that has thousands of answers, within the reach of all.

If you don’t believe us check out the 9 ways to make it last longer: put them into practice every day and you will not be able to make more for less.

1. Choose the right cut of hair

, We start from the basics, that is, from the cutting of the hair. If it is wrong that you may as well say goodbye to your hopes of having a crease-long lasting.

Especially if you’re looking for a fold in the durable, on fine hair, remember to avoid the cuts scaled, which tend to be lighter, less full-bodied and with the tips even thinner.

2. Wash your hair the day before

The search for the perfect style and lasting often coincides with a major event or an unforgettable occasion. In these cases, it is best to wash your hair the day before and proceed with the styling after 24 hours.

It might seem absurd, but the hair is freshly washed escape easily, and that little layer of fat that forms on the sun 24 hours, hydrates the hair, allowing it to retain heat better and, as a result, the fold.

3. Drying the hair in the right way

For a good fold is just taking a bit of time, especially if you want to make it last more than a few moments. This is also because the temperature by the use of the dryer must be moderate and not too hot. Remember, in the end, to block the crease with a shot of cold air that will stabilize the shapes you just made.

4. Avoids the turban post wash

The turban with the towel may seem like a good ally, but here you’re wrong. The moisture, in this case, is retained and your hair will be dry and dull. The styling will then become more difficult and less shiny.

Other foresight not to forget is that to remove the excess water with the towel, you should blot with a towel, do not rub the hair. In the second case, you are going to put stress on the fiber and ruin it. To dab, you must become a mantra.

5. Use the right products

For a fold that don’t ever says goodbye, it is essential to use the right products, starting from cleansing to the final closing of the cuticles.

It starts from the shampoo, where it is good to use a moisturizer so that the hair is not excessively dry once it is dry.

It is good to pay attention also to the brush of choice to achieve the fold: do you prefer a thermal with steel bristles, which stores heat and releases it on the hair.

Of course, to ensure the longevity of the smooth bend, choose a brush with a diameter of 2.8 cm to give the volume at the base. Also remember to use a temperature protecting device over the entire length and then passes the plate. In this case, in fact, it will be necessary to move the hair straightener and then the hair should be even more protected.

Important, especially for those who want to a bending move, you texture the hair with a special product like a salt spray or salt.

6. Make the bends with constancy

Do you know that for to last longer in the fold move the main trick is to have it often? It’s called the memory effect and it is a characteristic of the hair, which not everyone knows.

The more often and regularly run the same fold, the more your hair will have memory, and more will resist for a long time. It seems absurd, but the effect I remember exist!

7. Use the dry shampoo

There are those who see it with fear, or not trust the product, but the dry shampoo is a great help to last long your hairstyle. In addition to giving volume, especially when applied to the roots, the dry shampoo will allow you to extend the time between washes and, therefore, to last longer your blow-dry.

8. Avoid moisture during the drying

Among the enemies trust of the mass in the fold, there is the humidity which tends to swell the hair and making them less easy to manage. The council, in this case is to avoid drying them in the bathroom after the shower: choose another room, or ventilate it well the actual bath before you take in the hand dryer and brush.

9. Use the silk to protect the hair

Do you know that the cotton of the pillowcase is the main cause of split ends, hair electrical and, therefore, of a mass in the fold shortly lasting? To maintain the fold during the night trial of the pillowcase, silk or wrap your hair in a scarf to protect them from the pillowcase in cotton.

Loss Of Hair Can Happen In The Change Of The Season Or Even For Stress Or A Bad Diet

The lives we lead every day often leads to consequences also on the health of the hair, causing weakening and fall. The causes can be various among which the seasonality, the physical and emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, pollution, the use of aggressive products for the pH of the skin, or just keep them in hairstyles that are too tight, the mal-functioning of the thyroid, or nutritional deficiencies such as the lack of manganese and vitamin D.

When you realize you have too much hair thinning, fine or weak, then the necessity of running to the guards with a solution that is all-natural that not to take on economically and that it is especially effective in solving the problem.

Here are 13 natural remedies to use constantly in order to see, already in a few weeks, amazing results, returning to get a hair voluminous, shiny, and robust.

1. Oil of Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)

The oil of nigella sativa, more commonly known as black cumin was used in ancient Egypt for its extraordinary healing properties and antioxidants. Among its many merits, it also has to restructure the damaged hair and weakened with the tendency to fall. This oil, in fact, nourishes the bulbs stimulating the micro circulation and its ability to inhibit the weakening of the follicles, allows it to be a great ally against the fall.

It is sufficient to use it two times a week doing a compress and massaging the oil all over the head. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash hair with a gentle shampoo. To prevent the formation of split ends, apply a few drops to the ends of the hair and do not rinse.

2. Olive oil

olive oil is an ingredient rich in fatty acids (omega 3) that help the hair to bulk up and is a real all-rounder. Has the valuable property of conferring body and reduce the dryness.

It should be poured a small amount into the palm of the hand and spread along the entire length making sure to massage well to let it penetrate. It is advisable to heat above the oil, and use it lukewarm. Just keep it applied for 30 minutes or even all night, and, once washed with a mild shampoo, you will see already the effects until after the first application. Repeat 1 or 2 times a week.

3. The essential oil of Rosemary

Among the numerous medicinal plants, the rosemary is the more appropriate as a natural remedy to strengthen hair and facilitate growth. The essential oil contained in it, in fact, stimulates the hair follicles and combats hair loss. It also stimulates the micro circulation of the scalp, encouraging blood flow to the bulb, making hair strong, healthy, lustrous and durable.

The essential oil of rosemary can be used to practice clutches to damp hair, left in place for about 30 minutes, and then rinsed with a gentle shampoo.

Alternatively, add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil for each 20 ml of the shampoo, leave to rest for a few days to allow the oil to release its natural elements, and then use the shampoo as always.

4. Castor oil

castor oil is an excellent ally to promote the growth of hair thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Castor oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, minerals and proteins which enrich the hair and make it stronger and more resistant to the challenges of the day.

Pour a spoonful on the palm of your hand and massage over the scalp with circular movements and then continue along their entire length. If the application is difficult, it is enough to dilute it with coconut oil which makes everything lighter. Cover the hair with a towel dampened with hot water. Leave for a couple of hours and repeat the treatment at least once a week.

5. Essential oil of fenugreek

The essential oil of fenugreek is extracted from the seeds and from the leaves of Trigonella foenum graecum known as fenugreek. This essential oil can be added directly to the shampoo. It only takes 2 drops of essential oil to strengthen the hair, preventing the fall and making it more lustrous, full of body and voluminous. Fenugreek is also an excellent ally against dandruff.

6. The essential oil of ginger

Ginger oil stimulates the re-growth of hair as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It takes just a couple of drops to pour in the shampoo that will be used at each wash. You can also apply directly on the scalp before washing your hair, massaging it deeply and vigorously to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp. Leave the compress for at least 30-40 minutes and then proceed with the washing.

7. Herb ayurvedic of Methi

This plant, better known as fenugreek, is used in medicine since antiquity for its numerous properties. The seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and other elements such as mucilage and flavoring. In cosmetics is used to strengthen the hair, counteracting the fall excessive. Fenugreek, to be able to be used on the hair, it should be bought under the form of a powder that must be hydrated to release the mucilage and enjoy the conditioning properties and moisturizing properties. Simply a tablespoon of powder and about 200-250 grams of warm water that is added to the wire on several occasions. The time of hydration reaches a maximum of 12 hours at room temperature. The ultimate consistency should be similar to that of a gel that can be applied to the skin after the shampoo. Then, apply a film and, after about an hour, rinse.

8. Herb ayurvedic of Brahmi

The herb Brahmi is a valuable solution for the care of the hair, making it stronger roots and thicker hair and stronger. You can combine the powder in oil for massaging the scalp before shampooing, or add it to very hot water, leaving it to macerate for at least half an hour and apply then on dry hair and keep it on hair for at least an hour.

9. Herb ayurvedic of Bhringraj

The Bhringraj is an ancient herb in ayurvedic medicine used to help prevent and fight hair loss.

In a glass bowl to mix the powder of Bhringraj with very hot water until obtain a dough not too liquid. Cover the mixture and let soak for 20 minutes. Then, apply on dry or damp hair and massage the skin with circular movements. Leave on for 20 to 50 minutes. And then rinse.

10. Grass ayurvedic Cassia

Cassia, also called Henna neutral, is used to give clarity and softness to the hair, increasing the diameter of the drum and decreasing the damage created by the chemical treatments. Just create a paste by combining the powdered Cassia to warm water, to obtain a remedy special curative function on the hair. Them restores them, strengthens them, and discipline them glossy. Apply on clean hair and put a cap or plastic wrap and leave on for about an hour. Then wash with a shampoo very gentle and the conditioner. The operation should be repeated once a month.

11. Henna

Henna is a natural product obtained from the drying of the leaves and then reduced to powder and which has the capacity to bind permanently to the keratin of the hair, creating a sort of film, going to stratify on the hair. Color yes the hair but, at the same time, it strengthens it, giving them thickness. In a bowl, mix the henna powder with lemon juice or vinegar until the mixture is homogeneous and not too dense. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for at least 8 hours. Apply the mixture to washed hair and leave for an hour, taking care to cover the hair with a plastic cap or film. Then continue with the washing.

12. Natural supplement of millet,

The millet is a cereal rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and improve the appearance of your hair, preventing the fall and promoting the formation of keratin. The best part in fact in many food supplements recommended in case of thinning of hair and thinning of the hair shaft and split ends.

13. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are extracts of the seeds of the grapes or of green tea and powerful antioxidants. These supplements protect the follicle stimulating the micro circulation, promoting the intake to the hair of essential nutrients, and thereby fostering growth. Just take 1-2 tablets per day, even better if associated with vitamin E, far away from meals and with plenty of water.

It may be of interest to you also: 5 natural remedies for dry hair, damaged or brittle

The Fringe Would Be Ideal (For All) Is The One That Grazes The Eyebrows, Lightened The Lengths, So That You Can Transform Into A Quiff

Exactly as for the red, at least once in life we women are past the fringe-because, let’s face it, is able to transform in a dramatic way the look without upsetting completely the cut: the fringe gives character to the face, which makes it unique, is ageless, and even democratic. Yes, because the fringe, which at one time was for a few splendid, fortunate, and chosen, now it truly is for all, because it is able to adapt to the shape of any face and any type of style, and then why each one of us can wear it in a personalized way.

There is the fringe graphics, cut in a uniform manner, the heart on the door is short in the center and climb to the outside; there is the fringe combed to the side, sexy and mysterious; there is that long and heavy, in the style of the ’60s, indicated for straight hair, and straight; there is one button and that rock is very short, the wrap-around, and punk.

And finally, there is the fringe, slightly open on the front, which draws attention to the eyes, this fringe lightweight, fashion show, finish that nearly irregular gives fresh air to the look. And is good to all because it is capable of restoring balance to the facial features due to the separation of the clumps and add a little and the only imperfection to the style, helping to make it gritty.

Easy-to-carry, the fringe parade will dry with the hair dryer in a few moments without spout. And then halfway through drying, combing, leaving the clumps in the wild. The beauty of this fringe, in fact, it is just the style, undisciplined, and little adjust. In short, the touch a little wild, that makes us feel instantly more sexy, even if we have a fringe with curly hair.

Today, the fringe has reinvented itself and can then be adopted by all women, without distinction, as long as you find the right balance, that means to get to the ideal model for the oval of the face.
The fringe can correct the defects, enhancing the irregularity as well as give harmony to the face: it is a perfect accessory for the most shy ones who want to hide, for both the cocky and resourceful who want to enhance their femininity.

The fact of the pull and lighten the fringe is a good trick to shorten faces long or to hide an opposite small, or to make it appear wider. It also helps to re dimension a too high and lends itself to a thousand other stratagems depending on what you want to show or not show (for the record, for women over 50 is the perfect ally to hide the wrinkles).

And now, after this praise of the fringe, you have to do is run out of your hair!

It Is The Perfect Mix Between Brown And Blonde. Take Your Cue From The Stars And Find Out How To Get It

A Stiletto or a ballerina? The little black dress or white long? Hair curly or straight? The doubts of life are many and it is often undecided between two opposites. And this decision, most of the times, he sends us literally into a tailspin and is unable to put an end to a long agony in front of the mirror. A little bit tragic? Perhaps, but how many times have we found ourselves in this amletica situation?

And if you say that, at least in terms of colours, there is a solution? Well, one of the trends in hair colors (which does not appear to go despite fashions which are increasingly fast and volatile) is the bronde, which is the perfect middle ground between blonde and brown hair (blonde + brown).

The stars seem to worship him and some are so tied to the color of their head of hair from the seasons feature with pride: Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, ‘our’ Bianca Balti and the legendary Jennifer Lopez are among the loyal of the ‘bronde’. In all its shades. Of course, because it is not so simple to say ‘bronde’: there is the bronde brown and there is the bronde blonde. And most importantly, there is a great difference between the one and the other.

After leaving the effect shatush, even the top model Bianca Balti is dedicated to the bronde, personalizing it with shots of the sun.

If you prefer to keep your base castana, opt for the reflections of light blond caramel on the lengths that can illuminate the face and make the hair more changeable and dynamic, like that of Gisele Bündchen. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the crown’s most memorable: for years, watching the tv series Sex and the City, we have to ask if it was a dark blond or a light brown, and here’s the answer: it is bronde!

Sofia Vergara is a fall instead into the trap of the bronzie, a sort of bronde ‘bronzed’: has darkened (and then clarified) a few tone, his hair, bringing them back to this bright hue. Mischa Barton is, of course, bronde, shade which goes perfectly with the sweet of his face.

Jessica Alba has decided to merge two of the hottest trends (and virtually always, from before they were): the long bob and the color bronde. Also Jennifer Lopez has pretty much always been a bronde caramel, intense and warm, almost auburn, and that gives her a lot: it’s really sexy. Beyoncé loves her color bronde multi-faceted, which contrasts with its golden skin!

The color achieved by the singer Cheryl Cole is one of the most copied: that light brown that is dark blond in its perfect mix! After leaving the effect shatush, even the top model Bianca Balti is dedicated to the bronde, personalizing it with shots of the sun. If you prefer to keep your base castana, opt for the reflections of light blond caramel on the lengths that can illuminate the face and make the hair more changeable and dynamic, like that of Gisele Bündchen.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the crown’s most memorable: for years, watching the tv series Sex and the City, we have to ask if it was a dark blond or a light brown, and here’s the answer: it is bronde! Sofia Vergara is a fall instead into the trap of the bronzie, a sort of bronde ‘bronzed’: has darkened (and then clarified) a few tone, his hair, bringing them back to this bright hue.

Mischa Barton is, of course, bronde, shade which goes perfectly with the sweet of his face.

Jessica Alba has decided to merge two of the hottest trends (and virtually always, from before they were): the long bob and the color bronde. Also Jennifer Lopez has pretty much always been a bronde caramel, intense and warm, almost auburn, and that gives her a lot: it’s really sexy. Beyoncé loves her color bronde multi-faceted, which contrasts with its golden skin!

The color achieved by the singer Cheryl Cole is one of the most copied: that light brown that is dark blond in its perfect mix! even the top model Bianca Balti is dedicated to the bronde, personalizing it with shots of the sun.

If you prefer to keep your base castana, opt for the reflections of light blond caramel on the lengths that can illuminate the face and make the hair more changeable and dynamic, like that of Gisele Bündchen.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the crown’s most memorable: for years, watching the tv series Sex and the City, we have to ask if it was a dark blond or a light brown, and here’s the answer: it is bronde!

Sofia Vergara is a fall instead into the trap of the bronzie, a sort of bronde ‘bronzed’: has darkened (and then clarified) a few tone, his hair, bringing them back to this bright hue.

Mischa Barton is, of course, bronde, shade which goes perfectly with the sweet of his face.

Jessica Alba has decided to merge two of the hottest trends (and virtually always, from before they were): the long bob and the color bronde. Also Jennifer Lopez has pretty much always been a bronde caramel, intense and warm, almost auburn, and that gives her a lot: it’s really sexy.

Beyoncé loves her color bronde multi-faceted, which contrasts with its golden skin! The color achieved by the singer Cheryl Cole is one of the most copied: that light brown that is dark blond in its perfect mix!

But if to choose the perfect shade is not all the days, it is rather easy to obtain (even with diy) and the equally simple ‘maintenance’: if you are already castana chiara, of course, make light strokes, a gradient effect on the lengths to make them more diverse and dynamic, or opt for a solid mass over the entire head of hair turns from blonde to dark brown ash.

Also, if you have a base castana, tend to be clear, you can also opt for a permanent tint that does not need departure. Or, for a more soft, a paginate uniform but reflections of ton-sure-ton, maybe a couple of shades lighter or shaded. Choose a warm color like a wheat-blond or honey or caramel: give vitality to your complexion.

Instead, if you like warmer colors, intense and more dark, that will tend to bark or on the foliage, the solution for you is the bronde dark, a shade that perfectly blends with the undertones of the skin yellow but also the most white, with freckles, especially if you have light eyes, in this way, are highlighted and accentuated. If you are already castana dark of your own, try adding a touch of copper to achieve the perfect balance of bronde.

And finally, one last piece of advice: the cut. Yes, because in the bronde of the cutting is essential, and there are only two solutions, because this color give the best of himself. The bob, which is long or short, it is the perfect ‘plus one’ for your bronde (no, I say, have you seen Jennifer Lopez?). And then, of course, the long-scaled: rough or smooth, the reflections of the bronde with the legendary cut of the Rachel (Jennifer Aniston and Friends tell you anything?) they are really beautiful.


Trendy Short Cuts, Innovative Style And Ultra-Glam

Smooth, curly or wavy: any texture of hair can find its size in the short cut. You just need to be guided by your hair stylist, who is able to advise which model enhances your face.

In the last few seasons, short cuts are increasingly designed to be easy to wear. Women have less time to devote to styling your hair, and this the person who proposes the collections knows it well. Here, the tendency to think first of all to the practical and then aesthetic in the strict sense. The goal is to precisely meet the changing needs of women.

The hair should stay in place by themselves. Them to dry with a hair dryer whether they are let to dry in the open air. If there is time for the gel or the wax modeling well-being, but should not be a diktat imposed by a short-cut… the beautiful only in the lounge, after to be thick at the hair salon.

How do you choose the short-cut?

The secret is to aim for cuts that emphasize facial features, such as those with tips lightened and volumes measured around the perimeter of the head. The feature of these cuts is affirming is the fact of being dynamic: fit to the face, creating a completely one with it, but at the same time allow you to change the look simply by moving the strands of hair with a few gestures.

The graphic forms with which they cut the hair, for example, allow you to bring the clump as you want: side effect ultra-glam, or fired up to feel a little bit of rock. The volumes are soft, instead, they make airy the foliage, an aspect to always keep in mind to remain feminine despite the short hair.

A cut for every face

To be sure not to miss the cut, choose it according to the shape of your face. How to locate it? Combing the hair all back, exposing the face. Positioned in front of the mirror. And to be able to see at a glance if your oval, round, square, triangular, or elongated. And you’ll have more tools to ask your hairdresser that cut discover yourself, fulfill yourself.

If you have a round face

Are you ok with the cut called “pixie” is a mini scaled in such a way as to seem like the cutting of a goblin (you know, the funny mythological figures of fairy tales?). Must be lightly walked on the lengths, and never cut to the net to the bowl. If you then ask for a tuft on the side that rests gently on the forehead, create a slanting line on the face. The result is a face that is more “lean”.

If you have the square face

Since your face tends to be wide. Short cuts righteous are those disordered that they stop at the height of the jaw (which is, precisely, a square). Better to aim at the soft, wavy lines rather than to rigorous cuts and geometric styled in ultra-smooth.

If you have a triangular face

Strong cheekbones, high forehead, and the chin small, almost to the tip, up to draw a heart upside down. A face this shape is enhances with a cut that covers her forehead and stops at the chin, never shorter. Perfect all the yoke can be smooth or wavy, and all kinds of fringes.

If you have the elongated face

In this case, the purpose of the short-cut is to make the face less long. To achieve this, the hair must never be shortened too much, because, paradoxically, make you look like the longer face. The cuts are ideal medium-to-short, and then, from under the chin, better if it’s asymmetrical. The fringe breaks up even more the face. The perfect styling is rough and voluminous. The need is to shorten and widen, and then the call cuts smooth, too short and space to cut medium-short and bulky.

You Can Tweak The Color Of Your Hair Or Change It Radically? Is It Safe Or It Can Be A Risk To The Health Of The Fetus? In This Case, How To Do For The Next Nine Months?

How many times have you had to discuss with the friends on the risk or not to use the dye during pregnancy? If he speaks of often, but there are still many doubts that revolve around the topic. And so, if there are several expectant mothers who do not have problems to give up to have her hair dyed for nine months, there are many who just can’t do without it.

Even if, in the course of the years, the formulations of the products are greatly improved, and today there are dyes without ammonia, and water-based is much more delicate than before, there are some important precautions to take into serious consideration while pregnant.

Solid in pregnancy: yes or no?

There are, as noted, different schools of thought: some hair stylists say that the compounds are too dangerous for the fetus, others, however, that the amount of ‘chemical’ is too low because it can influence in any way the health of the small. It should be pointed out that the skin is not waterproof, exactly as it is the stratum corner (the outer one) composed of cells with a metabolic activity, very lively. This means that everything that we apply on the skin (and therefore scalp) interacts with our body.

To confirm this, dr. Gabriella Cecchetti, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology: “I am of the opinion that if it is not essential, the solid, in pregnancy, should be avoided: it is in fact an area of absorption very high and, therefore, all the substances that we place on the head, they come to the fetus”.

Also, if you’re a who play of color, your body during these nine months can change and develop a particular sensitivity to certain cosmetics. Not to mention that the sense of smell is much more refined now that you’re waiting: from the second quarter onward, it is possible to be intolerant towards certain odors which become objectionable, and ‘toxic’. One of these is the ammonia contained in the colors for the hair: it is also for this reason that many hair stylists don’t realize the colors on pregnant women. The fumes can be very annoying and difficult to tolerate. “Are several salons that are not willing to take this high responsibility”, stresses the gynecologist.

Avoid the do-it-yourself

“Opts for the solid only if you can not do without, and the number of white hairs is very high – I am referring to the 40s, of course: an excess of precaution never hurts. In addition, it is necessary to leave the classic one inch margin for not going to stress your skin already fragile and always choose natural products”, explains dr. Cecchetti.

If your roots need a touch up, in fact, you can play safe by choosing the colors without ammonia and with a base of plant extracts (they last less but the risks are virtually zero). Or you can choose from the blows of sun and light, unlike dyes, are bleached only the trunk. Nothing to do, but if your idea of staining is to switch from platinum to chocolate, or vice versa. It’s not the right time!

Cover the white hair in pregnancy: alternatives

While the classic shades should be abandoned during pregnancy, the henna remains one of the best allies: “it Is a colour, it’s completely natural that you can do at any stage of waiting, from the earliest days up to the date of childbirth,” concludes the specialist. It is therefore a good compromise for women who want to feel beautiful and in order, also with the ‘baby bump’.

Switch to the oil cleansing

Did you know that after the first two months, the hair may appear dull and turned off because they feel the influence of progesterone when the placenta is formed, it has an increase the amount of estrogen in the body, which help to make the hair more naturally shiny?

The advice is to avoid the usual shampoo foam and turn to a more delicate oil cleansing can absorb the impurities and wash away the dirt without being too aggressive. And the beauty is that you don’t even need conditioner because the oil already plays a nourishing.

The style in the pregnancy

And now another secret: since pregnancy offers numerous benefits to your hair, take advantage of their strength and vitality to carry out various hairdos: chignon, messy or chic and pulled, high or low, braids of all shapes and torch on or top knot.

And if that’s not enough, why not treat yourself to a nice cut again before giving birth? A asymmetrical bob and choppy or a helmet is the sweet and retro are perfect: once the baby is born you will not have much time to indulge and, in this way, you will feel still perfect and in order in spite of the drastic drop in hormonal levels and the stress from the mom-to-be. Also… one change leads to another, why not take advantage of it?

Sexy, Chic, Elegant But Also Easy And Easy To Make For An Every Day Look Different

There are those in the French style, those high on the spine of the fish, or low side, those of a snake, a circle, and then the infamous “boxer”. You have understood that true? We are talking about the beautiful braids. Those who, in whatever way you want to call it, make you feel just perfect.

The braid can become in a very short time, your, rather, our, more, dear friend because it is elegant and chic with outfits is extremely elegant, but able to “relax” in moments of leisure and relaxation, such as a trip to the countryside or a barbecue with friends.

But the tresses are also the starting point for many hairstyles: you can make a low bun; or catch two ‘a crown’ on the head or even focus on braids and tufts free in a mix that offers naturalness, but also the volume. You just need to the most classic of the braids fixed laterally and in a moment you’ll be ready for an important evening.

In short, the braids always work: together with the bun and ponytail are capable in just a few minutes (just because it easy and fast to accomplish) to solve any problem, look. And you can implement them on a head dry (but be careful that the hair isn’t too clean otherwise escape to the clips) or wet for a wet-look even more glamorous.

But you want to know another reason why we like them so much braids? Because they have an extra gear compared to other hairstyles: a sometimes loose, in fact, you will have beautiful waves and curls in your hair for a “second look” wild and aggressive. First the bon-ton and then a wild twist. And all thanks to a braid!

Braids French

braid, French collects all the hair starting from the hairline: the procedure may seem complicated, but once learned, it will become mechanical. The hairstyle is modern, easy, and perfect to combat the summer heat.

Braid cascade

is Ideal for foliage from the mood romantic and bohemian, to make the braid, and the waterfall just play with skill. It starts from the opposite starting to make a little braid in the horizontal direction, which surrounds the head, and to each braid, and inserted a few strands of hair down, always taking a lock of the new until you get behind the nape of the neck.

Braid the Dutch

The braids, the Dutch seem to be resting on the top of the head and seem to be the most voluminous of the others because it is braided instead. In practice, instead of placing individual strands of hair on the former, the hairs are twisted starting from the bottom. And the result is a three-dimensional effect.

Braid high herringbone

The fishtail braid is a variation of cool the classic braid. Pick up the hair in a queue (high) and divide it into two equal sections. Grasp the lock of hair from the right side and pass it on the main. Then add it to the lock of the left. And now do the same on the other side. Proceed alternating between the two sides until you get to the tips.

Boxer braids

From boxing to fashion league, debunk the myth that it sees the tresses boxer a prerogative of the sports and alleviation to hairstyle great style as well as have already done a lot of star. The two braids, which remain adherent to the head and are braided from the forehead, you can take it anywhere, with results that are also very chic.

Braid with short hair

Who said that to make the braids serve the long hair? With a bob, a bob, or wob, you can opt for a chaplet woven, one side mini boxer braids: if your braids end at the height of the neck even more your face and your look will be beautifully rock-glam.

Plait snake

One of the latest trends arrived from the social that relates to our hair is a snake braid: the rope braid, the serpent that rages on the heads to make them alluring and elegant at the same time. And it’s less complicated than you may think.

Braided elegant side

The braid on the side is an alternative very trendy to the classic braid is made using the whole length of the hair, but depending on the cut, equal to, or scaled, if it can run of different types. And the beauty is that you can embellish with a valuable accessory.

The half braid

The half braid is a half-tail “enriched” with a pinch of creativity: it is very helpful to a spray fixative, or texture or a dry shampoo, especially if hair is not more fresh of dry. In a moment, you’re ready to go.

Braid mermaid

For the braid to the mermaid you have to have long hair: a hairstyle is very basic, but at the same time very feminine. The braid mermaid has a touch of the wild, which allows it to be worn soft and disheveled hair, creating asymmetry and volume of the crown, or bon ton and ordered.

10 Ideas On How To Wear Your Hair In The Summer, To Challenge And Sweat And Warm, And Always Be Beautiful And In Order.

The heat, you know, he is a great friend of the order and of the perfect care of if makeup melts, the sweat stain the clothes and the hair…they become unmanageable! But summer is also that time of year where it is nice to show off, collected, and accessories for the hair, which in winter you dare much less. We welcome with open arms the hot sun, therefore we see 10 hairstyles anti-hot, thanks to which be in order, even when the thermometer is at 30 degrees.

Collected medium

There are those who like to keep their hair loose, even with the heat, to pick them up don’t talk about it! So why not to take advantage of a half-high ponytail and pulled, which, besides being practical it also works as a mini-facelift of the look? If it is day, use an elastic invisible, if it is evening with a clasp luminous swarovski crystals.

Jennifer Lopez has often the means collected both day and evening: highlights from her pretty face, leaving her hair loose

Chignon, tousled top

You never get tired, is ultra-chic and very practical, especially when it’s hot and you will struggle to keep the loose hair and compounds. The beauty of the bun mess is that most “random” is, the better it is! In the version carried high in the top of the head, and with a tuft escaping here and there, it gives a fresh look and lively. It works well on the hair wavy or curly, because it is voluminous and disheveled at the right point, but it is very nice on the hair to spaghetti. The faces “soft” such as those for oval, round, and diamond benefit a lot because it slims the face bedsides by visually.

The actress Tallia Storm with a “messy bun” cool and casual

Chignon, composed of the lower

And’ the queen of the chignon, Meghan truman gates, he wore a simple and ultra-refined, even for her wedding with Harry. Copy it from you: the middle row with two locks of hair fall to the sides of the face and the positioning of the bottom make it suitable for any occasion, from the most formal and elegant to casual. The harvest is ideal if you have a face very smooth with the jaw, defined as the one of Meghan.

Meghan truman gates with his harvest favorite: the chignon simple but nice to look “effortlessly chic”.

Wet look with short hair

The problem of hair when it is very hot is that the humidity makes them woolly, and without the form, in particular with styling, smooth. If you wear your hair short, the best solution, and very sophisticated to work around this problem, you pull them back with the gel, fixing them well to the skin for a wet-look red carpet looks! If you like the androgynous style, this solution is the right mix between practicality, style and personality.

The perfection of the face of Scarlett Johansson is highlighted by a wet look made-of-the art

Wet look with medium length hair

The wet look is perfect on short hair, but also on the half-lengths has its why! The styling should not be perfectly smooth, it can also be slightly moved or turned on the ends. If you worked with a wax, a foam or gel-wet look effect keeps at bay and annoying on the front of that form because of the sweat. With this styling, the hair can be dry in the air, avoiding the hair dryer and then work only with the hands.

Gigi Hadid sophisticated with a wet simple and contemporary look that highlights her face

Plait the lateral

Is the line side and then intertwine the hair into an elegant plait the lateral falls on the shoulder. In this way the hair does not come in contact with the sweat of the neck, and you remain in order throughout the day. That styling is more defined or softer, it doesn’t matter, this hairstyle suits to all and the summer is a compromise comfortable, understated, and feminine.

The singer Bonnie Ryan with a braided side-romantic and delicate

Braid French

Are you planning a long week-end in anticipation of the holidays real? Then why not opt for a crop, braided “French” that will last exactly 2 days of the weekend? Sure it takes skill to be able to do it alone, but you can always go to the hairdresser for you to do to the rule of art. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can sleep on (if it breaks up a bit is even more beautiful!) and that for a weekend by the sea is perfection: you forget to have long hair and at the same time!

Kasia Smutniak with a braid incorporated on the head of “French”, for a look that’s boho chic

high ponytail

If you have long hair, and the tail of a horse has a charm all of its own. Beautiful with the hair of spaghetti, wavy, curly, highlights the face and eyes, is sexy and has the instant power of rejuvenate!

Kim Kardashian with a sexy ponytail in version move

low pony-Tail with a central row

Compared to the high, the more saucy and sexy, and the tail low with the line in the middle is more elegant and sober. The head must be machined with wax or gel because the middle line is sharp and clear and the hair does not come out in rebellious tufts: the best thing is just to its perfection, and its be “graphic”. Always remember to bring the hair on the shoulder, because the tail is visible in its entirety.

actress Laura Lee beautiful with a tail low, smooth, and with the middle row

Crop with sash

There are those days where ” no, your hair does not want to know stay in their place. And then the solution faster (and chic!) is to pick them up to wrap them in a headband or turban. Pick up hair without giving it a particular form and to be careful with the styling you can, just finish the look with one of these accessories, which makes it immediately more sought after and cared for.

Eva Mendes, lover of bands and turbans in the style of the 50’s, wearing them very often