Loss Of Hair Can Happen In The Change Of The Season Or Even For Stress Or A Bad Diet

The lives we lead every day often leads to consequences also on the health of the hair, causing weakening and fall. The causes can be various among which the seasonality, the physical and emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, pollution, the use of aggressive products for the pH of the skin, or just keep them in hairstyles that are too tight, the mal-functioning of the thyroid, or nutritional deficiencies such as the lack of manganese and vitamin D.

When you realize you have too much hair thinning, fine or weak, then the necessity of running to the guards with a solution that is all-natural that not to take on economically and that it is especially effective in solving the problem.

Here are 13 natural remedies to use constantly in order to see, already in a few weeks, amazing results, returning to get a hair voluminous, shiny, and robust.

1. Oil of Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)

The oil of nigella sativa, more commonly known as black cumin was used in ancient Egypt for its extraordinary healing properties and antioxidants. Among its many merits, it also has to restructure the damaged hair and weakened with the tendency to fall. This oil, in fact, nourishes the bulbs stimulating the micro circulation and its ability to inhibit the weakening of the follicles, allows it to be a great ally against the fall.

It is sufficient to use it two times a week doing a compress and massaging the oil all over the head. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash hair with a gentle shampoo. To prevent the formation of split ends, apply a few drops to the ends of the hair and do not rinse.

2. Olive oil

olive oil is an ingredient rich in fatty acids (omega 3) that help the hair to bulk up and is a real all-rounder. Has the valuable property of conferring body and reduce the dryness.

It should be poured a small amount into the palm of the hand and spread along the entire length making sure to massage well to let it penetrate. It is advisable to heat above the oil, and use it lukewarm. Just keep it applied for 30 minutes or even all night, and, once washed with a mild shampoo, you will see already the effects until after the first application. Repeat 1 or 2 times a week.

3. The essential oil of Rosemary

Among the numerous medicinal plants, the rosemary is the more appropriate as a natural remedy to strengthen hair and facilitate growth. The essential oil contained in it, in fact, stimulates the hair follicles and combats hair loss. It also stimulates the micro circulation of the scalp, encouraging blood flow to the bulb, making hair strong, healthy, lustrous and durable.

The essential oil of rosemary can be used to practice clutches to damp hair, left in place for about 30 minutes, and then rinsed with a gentle shampoo.

Alternatively, add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil for each 20 ml of the shampoo, leave to rest for a few days to allow the oil to release its natural elements, and then use the shampoo as always.

4. Castor oil

castor oil is an excellent ally to promote the growth of hair thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Castor oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, minerals and proteins which enrich the hair and make it stronger and more resistant to the challenges of the day.

Pour a spoonful on the palm of your hand and massage over the scalp with circular movements and then continue along their entire length. If the application is difficult, it is enough to dilute it with coconut oil which makes everything lighter. Cover the hair with a towel dampened with hot water. Leave for a couple of hours and repeat the treatment at least once a week.

5. Essential oil of fenugreek

The essential oil of fenugreek is extracted from the seeds and from the leaves of Trigonella foenum graecum known as fenugreek. This essential oil can be added directly to the shampoo. It only takes 2 drops of essential oil to strengthen the hair, preventing the fall and making it more lustrous, full of body and voluminous. Fenugreek is also an excellent ally against dandruff.

6. The essential oil of ginger

Ginger oil stimulates the re-growth of hair as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It takes just a couple of drops to pour in the shampoo that will be used at each wash. You can also apply directly on the scalp before washing your hair, massaging it deeply and vigorously to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp. Leave the compress for at least 30-40 minutes and then proceed with the washing.

7. Herb ayurvedic of Methi

This plant, better known as fenugreek, is used in medicine since antiquity for its numerous properties. The seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and other elements such as mucilage and flavoring. In cosmetics is used to strengthen the hair, counteracting the fall excessive. Fenugreek, to be able to be used on the hair, it should be bought under the form of a powder that must be hydrated to release the mucilage and enjoy the conditioning properties and moisturizing properties. Simply a tablespoon of powder and about 200-250 grams of warm water that is added to the wire on several occasions. The time of hydration reaches a maximum of 12 hours at room temperature. The ultimate consistency should be similar to that of a gel that can be applied to the skin after the shampoo. Then, apply a film and, after about an hour, rinse.

8. Herb ayurvedic of Brahmi

The herb Brahmi is a valuable solution for the care of the hair, making it stronger roots and thicker hair and stronger. You can combine the powder in oil for massaging the scalp before shampooing, or add it to very hot water, leaving it to macerate for at least half an hour and apply then on dry hair and keep it on hair for at least an hour.

9. Herb ayurvedic of Bhringraj

The Bhringraj is an ancient herb in ayurvedic medicine used to help prevent and fight hair loss.

In a glass bowl to mix the powder of Bhringraj with very hot water until obtain a dough not too liquid. Cover the mixture and let soak for 20 minutes. Then, apply on dry or damp hair and massage the skin with circular movements. Leave on for 20 to 50 minutes. And then rinse.

10. Grass ayurvedic Cassia

Cassia, also called Henna neutral, is used to give clarity and softness to the hair, increasing the diameter of the drum and decreasing the damage created by the chemical treatments. Just create a paste by combining the powdered Cassia to warm water, to obtain a remedy special curative function on the hair. Them restores them, strengthens them, and discipline them glossy. Apply on clean hair and put a cap or plastic wrap and leave on for about an hour. Then wash with a shampoo very gentle and the conditioner. The operation should be repeated once a month.

11. Henna

Henna is a natural product obtained from the drying of the leaves and then reduced to powder and which has the capacity to bind permanently to the keratin of the hair, creating a sort of film, going to stratify on the hair. Color yes the hair but, at the same time, it strengthens it, giving them thickness. In a bowl, mix the henna powder with lemon juice or vinegar until the mixture is homogeneous and not too dense. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for at least 8 hours. Apply the mixture to washed hair and leave for an hour, taking care to cover the hair with a plastic cap or film. Then continue with the washing.

12. Natural supplement of millet,

The millet is a cereal rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and improve the appearance of your hair, preventing the fall and promoting the formation of keratin. The best part in fact in many food supplements recommended in case of thinning of hair and thinning of the hair shaft and split ends.

13. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are extracts of the seeds of the grapes or of green tea and powerful antioxidants. These supplements protect the follicle stimulating the micro circulation, promoting the intake to the hair of essential nutrients, and thereby fostering growth. Just take 1-2 tablets per day, even better if associated with vitamin E, far away from meals and with plenty of water.

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