Long, Indeed Very Long, Up To Touch The Back.

Long, indeed very long, up to touch the back. The hair is extra long they are back, with all their charm, from the top power of dreams

The autumn / winter season 2020 decreed the triumph of long hair. From the catwalks to the collections of the salons, hairdresser, hair trends offer lengths significantly oversized. Hair exceed, in fact, far behind, coming up to mid-back. A boon for those who, in the end, not them ever wanted to wanted to cut, despite the “success” of growing short hair. From this point of view, we can assert convinced that in the hair of the fall season 2020 there are no half measures. Or long or short term. And on the latter there is to have fun!

Long hair over the shoulders, up to touch the back

How to wear long hair in the cold season 2020? Can be smooth or curly curly. In practice, democracy wins and the styles, to remind us that the new approach to the beauty is the inclusiveness. A inclusive that also includes all types of hair: there is a certain styling to prevail on the other. The smooth is equally trendy curly Afro, if we want to mention two styles are poles apart. In the middle there are all the natural waves that follow a movement and not too structured.

The hairstyles on long hair

More fashion on long hair in autumn / winter 2019-20 are those braids with a bun on the top. The first are formed from braids and twists that you put on hair long, almost to break the apparent monotony of the long. It is here that the braids become fun ways to bring the fringes or tufts attached to the back of the neck.

The bun at the top of the hair long and loose, representing the brand new ways of interpreting the hairstyles, from the allure gritty.

Hairstyles trend: the inspiration of the most beautiful in the fall / winter 2020

Unlike in styling, cuts for long hair there is a trend towards precise. Goes out of fashion the straight cut or climbed the sides of her face. The inspiration is Kate Middleton, with its beautiful foliage and reassuring, also because of his “normal” brown. All cuts rely on the volume and effects full-bodied that evoke the heroines of the tales. With regard to the forehead, can be covered by the fringe, possibly full, and left with line in the middle.

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