L-Cut, The Most Fashionable Is The One That Respects The Nature Of The Hedgehog, And That Is The One That Enhances The Volume And Softness. With A Few Exceptions That Are Worth Looking At

If you have curly hair, in 2020 it will be fun. Are back in fashion and more explosive than ever! Cuts hair trend propose symmetries is well studied that enhance the typical effect “round” of the hair curly. Many of the cuts in the Afro style, or with a look that is airy, that give joy. For curls that rise to the top in a way aerodynamic.

Next to the cuts soft, which give way to the nature of the hedgehog, is there an exception that provides for cuts developed in the vertical, but towards the bottom. It is the case of cuts for hair that is in the jargon are called “fake hedgehogs”, that is, those who for the first 5 cm from the root are born straight, and then curl up as they grow. This type of hedgehog prefers cuts less bulky, to wear even with the line in the middle.

curly Hair 2020: cuts and styling trendy

The cut-the trend is scaled to a work of art, taking namely into account the fact that usually a curly mane requires locks, more wavy than others. The hair should be scaled based on the ripple: the more the curls are tight the more you proceed gently, shortening the hair strands gradually. If you check some hair more smooth, is shortened more. Just so you get a cut harmonic and respects the beauty of the sea urchins.

What cuts to ask for at the barber, then? Have a look at our photos to get an idea of the trend of 2020!

Cut of for Rici little bulky

An idea for those who do not like the typical volume of curly hair: this cut is perfect to keep it under control, without, however, undermining of the hedgehog. Ideal, also, for curly hair from the stem thin. Proposal of Bumble and bumble.

Hedgehog super disciplined

Similar to the previously cut is proposed by Aveda’s fashion show for spring / summer 2020 Phillip Lim. In this case, the volume is more controlled, thanks to styling products that act as shaping. Are waxes that are opaque that leaves the hair soft and shiny, without being too wet.

With the line in the middle of

, we go Back in the field cuts of the same length, with the difference that in this cut are coming to the small scaling on the locks on the front and on the tips. Seen by ChloƩ to fashion shows for the spring / summer 2020.

Bob with bangs

For curly hair Franck Provost offers a care from the line graphics with the fringe which customize your features and gives character.

Look flimsy for curly hair short

cutting that communicates airiness and softness to the watch. The layers are made invisible, respecting the different waves of hair curly.

The curly Afro style

Dedicated to the hair with curls so thick as to be almost spongy: it is the typical cut African round from “Saturday night Fever”.

Here is another way to bring the curls in the style of Afro: this time the effect of the round is still more evident, since the hair strands the most rebellious were all leveled. From the backstage of Design-able.

If the curls are not as tight you may bring cut in a vertical direction upwards, so as to develop a sort of crest, but always rather soft and harmonic. A cut proposed by Z. one concept.

Yoke asymmetrical

The collection James of Wella offers a helmet is irregular, which complies with the typical irregularities of curly hair, and becoming almost conspiratorial. The end result is a look at the surprise composed and disciplined!

Cutting shaggy hair curly –

A cut in ultra-scaled by the irregular shape and the messy look that is well suited to those of the hedgehog loves the rebellious character. Suitable for fine hair.

If the hair is “fake curls”

The hair not so curly? But are not even then so moved? The right cut is with the line in the middle and apparently equal (the layers are only on the tips to avoid geometry net). For a look a bit British from the air saucy.


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