It Is For This Reason That The Color Blonde Is One Of The Most Requested


In the top ten there is you, the legendary Elle Woods, or, better, Reese Witherspoon, the blonde par excellence who has proved to the world (not just at the cinema) that being blonde does not mean to be ditzy, superficial, and without a brain: in the film legally blonde 2001, ms. Woods is a young, spoiled and blonde (needless to say) girl, who lives according to the rules of Cosmopolitan, passing her days among her friends, and shopping, and always bringing with him his beloved chihuahua Tyson. A disappointment in love, will take you to Harvard University to study law and to see that blondes are anything but frivolous.

It’s been nearly two years since Reese Witherspoon has taken his revenge (with a lot of sequels and a third episode waiting for 2020) and the film has become a cult and a manifesto for all women by the hair, which for years have been victims of prejudice on their intellectual ability: “All the fault of blonde ambition,” explains Elle.

The blonde is always a trend

In short, the blond never goes out of fashion and Hollywood is the confirmation. At the cinema, in fact, the blonde locks seem to have a huge success, so much so that among the ten highest-paid actresses, for the most part has shots of the sun or of light, shades of honey, wheat or toffee, platinum, or champagne. It will be because men “prefer blondes” or because, as experts, the blond softens the lineamente and helps to camouflage the small fine lines around the eyes and lips?

In the meantime, what is certain, is that the “blonditude” is an attitude, a state of mind. There are people who, even if born chestnut like the eternal Marilyn Monroe, you feel immediately the blondes in the soul. Others, who, though blonde, not ever happen.

Here are the 10 stars that are blonde on the inside and the outside (from the set)!


Michelle Pfeiffer remains one of the most charming women of the big screen, one of the few not to have succumbed (or almost) to cosmetic surgery, maintaining altogether its charm, and his magnetic gaze. Delicious in Cherì, where played a noblewoman in love with a man much younger than her, and definitely sexy with her Elvira Hancock in Scarface alongside Al Pacino. It was the young Michelle to make the famous blond caramel. It is a blond to be customized according to the complexion and to the color of the eyes, can turn on different shades depending on the mood.


It is always the shades of blonde preferred by Sharon Stone. How is it made? The hair strands are selected and separated singularly by expert hands and the color is distributed in such a way that the outer part is increasingly clear and bright, internally, however there are darker shades. From the time of Basic Instinct, the beautiful Stone has sported several different looks, from the runway to the helmet, by fragia to the boycut, but has always remained true to his blond champagne.

The platinum blonde is certainly the most “difficult” in absolute. It is perfect for women who have a poor cold, because the platinum hair tends to bring out the “yellow” of the undertones in warm skin. Gives much to those who have eyes and skin clear, but also the natural color of hair must be clear enough, otherwise the regrowth becomes a problem. When you say platinum, you say Marilyn Monroe because of her and in such films as When the wife is on vacation if the women of half the world continue to adore this fantastic shade of blonde.


The ash blonde blends in wonderfully with all ages, it suits all skin tones and all lengths of hair. It is enough to love him? It is one of the shades easy to wear and maintain. And it is even extremely elegant and refined.

From model Cara Delevigne to the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson there are many celebrity who have worn and continue to do so but one of the first was, without a doubt, Melanie Griffith: former Johnson and Banderas made him famous in the film, A career woman.


Today is perhaps “ruined” by the excessive recourse to plastic surgery, but those who do not remember in you’ve got mail and City of angels? The helmet is the wild and choppy Meg Ryan color of gold or honey blonde has brought really a lot of luck. Suited to those with a warm undertone, honey is a tones multi-dimensional, thanks to its thousand reflections that catch the light. The only flaw? Blond hair honey are only suited to the young and offer the best on tanned skin for a sun kissed true Californian girl.


Everyone remembers the beautiful legs of Kim Basinger in Nine and a half weeks, but in only a few today remember his dark blonde in the film Dreaming of Africa. Yet it was one of the shades most sought after for over a decade. The dark blond is perhaps the most “trivial” but also very easy to carry (because that is what looks most natural). And it is also the shades of blonde the most easy-to-obtain: to get enough thin instant highlights – only about twenty strands in all – following the rules of the hair-the contouring.


This type of blond is light, bright and sometimes iridescent over the entire length: it is so called because it recalls the bright color of the ears of corn in the summer and was brought to the fore by the legendary Brigitte Bardot the icon of cinema, of fashion and beauty that has revolutionized the Sixties with her sex appeal and her look so fresh and innovative for those years. His blond hair still remains today among the most appreciated and copied.


The beautiful and very blonde hair, california, Cameron Diaz, despite being biona natural, has sported many shades of blonde from darker than light brown, up to the most as clear as the blond vanilla: this is a nuance very fresh and clean, that give to all textures of hair, from curly and full-bodied those smooth and very fine. For us it was practically perfect in All against him. A single tip: this color requires a lot of attention because it is always bright and does not notice the regrowth.


Another one of the blondes to the excellence of the big and small screen, beloved for his many changes of dress, is the former protagonist of Gossip Girl, the show that from 2007 to 2012 she has been literally going crazy all, Blake Lively. It is a blond from a dark base (although still blonde) and then gradually becomes more clear on the lengths and ends. Sometimes reaching even to the borders of platinum. Reminiscent of the shadings of the hair of the girls after a holiday at the sea.


The actress los angeles (could not have been born blonde!) Gwyneth Paltrow, apart from the rare occasion like in the movie Sliding doors, it has always chosen not to “alter” the color california natural. Anyone who dares blond classic as she should have facial features harmonious and clear skin, but it is said that it must necessarily have blue eyes, on the contrary, the colour of the iris hazel-is put very much emphasis on blonde hair.

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