Hairstyles Short And Medium Hair 2020: Beautiful Ideas!

Here are the best hairstyles for women who have short or medium hair, to change their appearance every day!

These measures of hair may seem constrictive and unsuitable for different hairstyles, but this is not so. It all depends on the cut, because if it is well executed there are so many short hairstyles that you can make. The pixie cut and bob cut continue to be the most popular ones and can be styled in so many ways. Here are photos, tutorials with images and many ideas!


The medium bob cut lends itself to an infinity of hairstyles, all simple to make thanks to the limited volume of hair. For a special evening, lightly Cotton your hair, stop with a clothespin the front tuft combing it back and then create curls with gel (or lacquer), fixing everything with hairpins. Seeds collected with braids or torchon are among the most simple short hairstyles elegant hair.

French, Dutch, cascade or side. Hairstyles medium hair 2020 see the braid as the absolute protagonist! Not only yoke and helmet lend themselves to this simple hairstyle, but also short cuts. Among the hairstyles short hair 2020 many haircuts shaved sideways softened by a romantic braid to the side. Original hairstyles ideas for girl.

Hairstyle short hair

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, point to the chignon revisited and enriched with details, pulling back the hair. Among the simplest collected medium hairstyles there is the harvest ‘messy’ (messy). They are beautiful proposals to exploit if you are an invited to wedding or ceremonies (communion, confirmation, baptisms).


Here are some tutorials for making simple hairstyles on their own. They are two perfect solutions for when you have little time, because it takes less than 3 minutes to make them! They are ideal ca create in the morning before going to school or work.

This hairstyle idea is even simpler than the previous one and is very comfortable for the summer!

Whether you have a perfect smooth or wavy or curly hair no matter, there are so many simple and beautiful hairstyles ideas for short hair! These are collected seeds, created by carrying on the nape of the neck strands of hair taken from the sides. They can be fixed on the back with hairpins or hairstyle with a braid or simply create torchons to be fixed with an elastic band. A simple and perfect hairstyle for a ceremony, to be realized in a few minutes and without the help of the hairdresser.

The hair collected are the ones that allow us to change look more often, so if you have a medium helmet always take advantage of these roads! A smooth crop with side tuft or with short bangs, with hair braided to form a crown, are the perfect hairstyles for the most special evenings. More day by day, the crop with only the tuft divided with a side row and then closed on the nape, and the one with the hair pulled back and then slightly raised.

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