Hair Color In The Spring And Summer Of 2020, The Nuance Of The Trend To Take Inspiration From

Great return of natural colors inspired by summer landscapes, recreating all the effects of earth, sand and sunsets (respectively the brown, blond and red)

There will be fun in the spring summer hair color! The key word is ” brightness: both in the traditional colours as the original ones, i.e. the primary colors, which now have become part of each palette worthy of the name. As a general trend emerges and the color is fairly uniform, that does not mean flat, but full-bodied. The shades of color remain, but they are well dosed in so as to overlap in a beautiful game of colors. No sharp contrasts, then, yes, the tone-on-tone ranging of 2 to a maximum of 3 shades.Positioned at the sides of the head to give light to the face and to add volume to hair. Always remember that even the hairstyle right, serving to enhance the color.

The color of fashion? The red, followed by the blond and the brown.

Trends blonde colour for spring / summer 2020

A blond very clear proposed by Franck Provost

Bright and vivid, the blond, out of fashion are those that are clear, ranging from blonde vanilla to the honey blonde. It is blond, cold, reminiscent of that is the colors of the fields of summer corn, when the ears are now completely dried.
Do not miss the platinum blonde and the blonde ice, with nuance crystal clear, almost white.
A little bucking in the spring / summer 2020 are blonde hot, that is, those crossed by red accents. The inspiration color is always that of a sunny beach composed of sand beige clear.

The red hair of spring, summer 2020

A shiny red

Is a red decided to of the summer season! The nuance? Virtually all of those in the red, from mahogany to titian red, passing through auburn. A particular mention deserves the red cherry in the hair, it declines in a coloring of this vitamin, which is immediately the summer. Despite being a cold shade (since it contains blue accents, the red cherry preserves a unique brilliance that makes it particularly cool.
Red hair for the spring and summer of 2020 are bright and intense as the colors of the sunsets or the sunrises in the summer.

Trends brown hair colour spring summer 2020: brown

A brown warm

The brown’s spring / summer 2020 found the warmth of the shades of the color “chestnut”. Via free, therefore, to all those brown – to be clear – the color of chocolate, coffee and cappuccino. Of the rage, additionally, the shades reminiscent of the earth and the hues of the undergrowth. Among all the colours of the hair, the brown are the ones where it is felt most, the tendency of the natural. It will be because it’s a color that closely resembles nature? And, since we speak of nature, back in great style, the black that recalls the ebony. As long as it is bright.

Colorful hair for spring summer 2020: the blue and the green

A proposal is easily recognized

The primary colors, i.e. green, blue, yellow, and pink are already a new classic in the color chart of every self-respecting collection. What is the difference compared to past years? Paradoxically, the fact that they are more natural, as if the colors are not conventional want to ride the trend prevailing in the natural way. What does it mean in practice? The green recalls the tones of the forest, the yellow of the petals of the flowers, the rose, the that of the living coral, the pantone color of the 2020. Are colors with which to dare, to be sure, but compared to past seasons remain more fresh and delicate. Anyone who is undecided, you can always choose to color in bold, only a few strands or the tips. And cutting buy character.

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