Get The Hair Healthy And Shiny With Minimal Effort

To get the hair healthy and shiny with minimal effort, you don’t need sessions close-up from the hair salon (which, I must say, they always give you a big hand!): hair care starts from small daily gestures. Avoid making some very common mistakes and adopt good habits help you in short time to conquer a head of hair more healthy, strong and beautiful.

Among the practices are wrong, there is certainly the one to wash the hair too often, by dehydrating so the scalp, comb only the tips, or use a protective product before passing the plate and the iron. Learn all the mistakes not to make more!

1) do Not brush the hair before shampooing

If to extricate the hair before washing you will want to avoid too much during the massage, with shampoo and water.

Remember: comb them wet, since wet is much more stressful for the hair since they run the risk of cracking, even if at the time do not feel pain. The hair is wet it becomes like a rubber band loose and it is more fragile! Reduce the risk of knots, therefore, with a hair brush to the wood, more delicate.

2) Washing too often, hair

Unless they are fat and thin, the majority of the hair does not benefit from the shampoo daily. If the washes are too frequent, the scalp is dehydrated, leaving the hair weak and without life. In addition, the physiological reaction of the glands that secrete sebum normally present on the skin – may be to produce too much, with the result to make the hair always greasy. And then oiliness attracts dry, in a vicious circle without end.

If you do not feel comfortable with the cool head of shampoo, try alternating it with the dry shampoo: you will get used to find the right rhythm with which to wash your hair.

3) Comb only the tips

We have repeated that with brush and comb you need to act with delicacy, especially on the lengths. And so we find ourselves to be combed just the tips, to the neglect of the scalp (“and if the hair you tear?”). Wrong: massaging the scalp with a brush stimulates the blood circulation and hair growth. If the themes of tearing your hair, use a boar bristle brush and wooden handle, rub from the roots to the tips. Your hair will be revitalized!

4) Rubbing the hair with towel

It’s a classic: you exit the shower and rub the towel on the head, trying to absorb all the water before passing to the dryer. In fact, if the hair is frizionati too vigorously with cotton fabrics, woven (foam or honeycomb makes no difference), you are likely to roughen the cuticle, getting dull hair and frizz.

The correct movement is to blot the hair better and then wrap them in a turban for no longer than 5 minutes. Then, shake the strands with your fingers. It will take more time to dry the hair, but in the long term will look healthier and more beautiful.

Makeup? Use a turban in microfiber that absorbs moisture without damaging the hair fiber, which is lucid and disciplined.

5) never use conditioner on the roots

The balm applies on the tips, because it may flatten your hair or make it heavy – so have taught us. Yet if the upper part of the head never receives nourishment, may become opaque and brittle. We do not intend certainly soften the skin with body wraps and creamy all the times that we wash our hair, but apply the balm also on the head, yes.

The important to ensure the hair stylist, is that you rinse it well your head until the water runs clear and the hair are ‘de grease’, as if to touch ‘sidestroke with the fingers.

6. Do not use a temperature protecting device before plate and iron

Even if of the last generation, the styles can damage the hair fiber, especially if used habitually, not to say every day. Certainly, the ceramic and tourmaline are much more delicate than a traditional iron, which, however, tends to disappear from the shops. However, protect your hair with a specific spray against the heat is a good habit to keep them soft and reduce the risks of dryness. Apply 4-5 sprays on the hair well, towel-dried.

If you prefer, you can remove excess humidity with a few blows of the hair dryer.

7. Use needle red-hot over the wet hair,

wet hair and hot tools don’t go together. The plates irons and curling irons can burn the follicles of the hair fiber, which is weaker when it is wet. The result is to be with the hair is broken!

That’s why before going on any styles, the hair should be completely dry, even when you are in a hurry!

8. Use hairspray before the plate

Have you ever heard a sizzle when curl or wink with your hair? It happens because you have sprayed hair spray or other sprays that leave a coating on your hair. In addition to the noise, because it should not be done? Because the alcohol content in lacquers, to contact with the heat, you burn, even burning the hair. Use the spray fixatives only after the curling (curl your hair), or straightening.

9. To think that a double tip can be…together

Once the hairs are divided into two ends, there is no miracle cure that will “attack them”. The only solution for split ends is to prevent the risk form, avoiding the washes, aggressive and close, the wipes energetic with towels, the abuse of the styles or brushing.

A way to prevent split ends? Apply on the hair semi-dry, a serum based on argon oil or flax seed.

10. Back comb the hair usually

For great occasions, to show off a head of hair style, Mary Antoinette is very trendy, but back comb the hair regularly is the quickest way to break them. The movement finishing from the tips towards the roots, in fact, causes the rupture of the capillary fiber.

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