Gentle, Parade, Toothed…There Are Many Ways To Define The Fringe Trend In 2020, Provided They Are Not Too Strict

Forgets the fringes are symmetrical and straight: to the beauty trends of the 2020 decry each geometry. Or at least state OUT of those effects too rigorous, that seem to be squared to the millimeter.

The fringe trend is irregular, which in practice means light and parade, as if it were a veil. Covers the front, but it allows you to see the texture of the skin and, if it comes to eyebrows, the tap timidly. In short, the final look of the fringe of fashion is that see-who likes so much to those who are undecided whether to actually bring the tuft.

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Cuts with bangs: how to lead in 2020

The door is long up to the eyebrows and short in the middle front. In both cases, the fringe of 2020 is cut and “notched”, that is, shorter than others. It is never a fringe too thick nor hides totally the look. Styling? A bit messy, without a precise order to follow.

You are there to there to cut the fringe? Look at our offers, surely you will want to change your look!

Tufts of different lengths,

A fringe apparently full who buys lightness, thanks to the game threads. The final look is a fringe bustling which makes for a more spirited smooth cutting. Proposal for a Schwarkopf Professional.

Fringe full decomposed

Always by Schwarkopf Professional to offer a fringe, slightly climbing that has, in its central opening to its point of strength. An idea for framing the eyes with a hint of malice.

Touches on the eyes

Reaches right down almost to the eyes with a fringe proposal by Wella for 2020. The structure is domed, but its opening to the strands separate, it is suitable for those who love to look a bit messy. It is perfect for straight hair and the purpose.

Fringe disorderly
Credits: Toni & Guy

Here is a look messed made even more casual by cutting scaled and moved. The idea of the fringe, which marks a point of rupture with the typical fringe regular and geometric. Proposal for Toni&Guy.

Small, in style baby bang

Bangs that has the tenderness of little children, and for this reason is called “baby bang”. Framing her face with kindness, especially if combined with short-cut irregular. View the fashion shows for spring / summer 2020.

Short but not-too

by Missoni, Aveda is a fringe in the mid-front cut so straight. The locks are open and spaced 1 cm from each other.

Short and thick

Is the only exception of the year 2020 in which the fringe is proposed for the thick, seen that the trend in the predominant prefers light. The idea is to Indola, which, however, dampens the fullness of the fringe and the effect is very short.

Open the drop-down

A fringe that always falls in the trend of lightness: the hair strands fall to the case, and so not too studied. A look seen on the catwalk.

Fringe super light

From the Wella collection Mitu the fringe becomes a load-bearing structure of the yoke which thus acquires character and personality. The effect of super-light gives the idea that the fringe has been cut “in transparency”.

Fringe domed

A fringe, bon-ton that integrates perfectly with the helmet is curved, the big trend in 2020. The final effect is still light thanks to the threads delicate. Proposal for Toni&Guy.

Fringe carved

An idea to cut short that shape the bangs with gel and wax, as if it were a matter to be to work at will. The tuft on the front is then resting absently on the forehead. Seen on the catwalk.

Short fringe irregular

we Could call the evolution of the ultra-modern fringe to the Franciscan. The touch of radical chic? The irregularities super designed cut-made even more saucy by bleaching platinum blond. Proposal for Toni&Guy.

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