Focus On To The World Of Beauty Where The Catwalk Reveal To Us What Will Be The Trends Dedicated To Make-Up And Hair.

Color, finish, size and styling: from the eye makeup to the lips, going for manicure and hair, also this year the make-up artist and hair stylist have been able to play skillfully with contrasts and telling the collections of the designers through the beauty world.

The time has come to shine a spotlight on the trends that will populate the autumn/winter 2020.

In recent years, the trend to make up natural is always stronger and the latest fashion week are proving, once again, how the desire to show off a skin that is clean and perfect is the winning choice. A few simple steps that transform your skin a clean natural look, where the eyebrows are always defined and labeled, while the rest of the face seems to be left free from any type of concealer, powder or blush.

The lips, the clash of trends
From New York city, as seen on the catwalk, arrive full lips, intense and the effect bold: effect is full coverage without errors or burrs.
Milan, since the first fashion show, has lips that are clean, without a trace of lipstick if not a very light layer of foundation to smooth the slight discoloration. Gucci, No. 21, Jil Sander and not only focuses on lipstick and nude on the lips are completely natural.

The eye makeup for the cold season
That is high, low or half-one thing is certain: the ponytail is the hairstyle to wear this fall winter 2020. Revised and reinterpreted, both in the key of chic in key pop, this hairstyle is back to peeking between the trends of the season. Perfect for any occasion, elegant thanks to motion blur in a combination designed by Oscar de la Renta, but also for a different evening from the usual with the proposal that is reminiscent of the ’80s presented by Byblos.

Prada, in Milan, choose the simplicity, and propose two pony tails low and very similar between them perfect to wear both day and evening, in addition to being really easy to replicate.

Natural or constructed, dense, or soft and flowing: curls and waves are back bullies among the hair trends of autumn/winter 2020. The hair styles, Afro they are let free to express themselves in all their beauty, the natural curls come to life and conquer the volume become real protagonists of the look and styling. Finally, his curls skillfully constructed art to complement the sleek look giving character, style and elegance.

A touch of colour never hurts and, then, why relegate it only to the summer and the sunny days when it can be a great way to bring back a bit also for the cold season? This fall/winter 2020 will be impossible to give up an eye shadow colorful, vibrant and intense. That is monochrome or with more nuances, the important thing will be only one: to have fun!

Could not miss this Mos chino that, once again, brings a bit of irreverence on the catwalks of Milan, thanks to her eye make up is super colorful with a cat-eye liner stretched.

For the season autumn/winter 2020 the hair is intertwined to leave the face free from clumps and fringes and tighten the eye to one of the hairstyles most elegant that there is: the braid. Double or single box or french braids: any will be the chosen look for the cold season, the braid may not be among the hairstyle trend.

For a look that’s sporty would be better to opt for the proposal of the Prada with the center row and double long braids at the sides, while for the Max Mara the choice falls on a great classic with a braid to the French.

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