Fast And Practical, The Cuts, The Average Of The Autumn / Winter 2019-2020 Are Perfect For Those Who Have Little Time To Devote To The Maintenance Of Hair Look But Do Not Want To Give Up The Length

Hair medium, a length of mount board that is practical to the point of force. They are in fact easy to manage, comfortable to wear and quick to dry. The trends for the cuts of the autumn / winter 2019-2020 for the cuts, the average expected volume and naturalness.

How to wear medium hair in the fall winter of 2019-20

apart from a few exceptions, the hair of medium length will lead to “simple”, that is, without paying too much attention to the crease, who in fact has never really studied in the strict sense. Well then the waves and beach waves, curly hair of varying amplitude, smooth, voluminous, all with very little artifacts, indeed.

The word key of the hair medium is movement… as it is! And it is probably the best way to bring them into our lives that are no longer in a hurry.

cuts for medium length hair

The cut-the trend is to go ahead: he just touched the collarbone, while remaining fairly regular. Some of the scaling is given on the top and back of the head, to increase the overall volume of the hair. Next to this strong trend of cut of make the road cuts extracted from the air of rock, suitable to the hair is very smooth.

Look at the proposals of the salons of the autumn / winter 2019 and 2020.

Medium hair cut equal

A simple cut and rigorous, that highlights the beauty of straight hair. Proposed by Jean Louis David. The hairs are all of equal length, including the tuft at the front.

Choose it if you have thin hair, even if they require daily washing.

Medium hair with curls

cut glamour that evokes the look of the actresses in “boccolose”, as Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Reese witherspoon. Proposed by Wella collection James.

Choose it if you have a romantic soul and hair with natural curls.

Medium hair curly

Delicious, edgy and a bit wild. So appear these medium hair offered by Wella by Giorgio Parrivecchio, perfect to emphasize the “rebellion” of curly hair.

Choose it if you have no intention of ironing your natural curly hair.

Beach wave on medium hair

A fresh look for this cut proposed by Cotril that immediately evokes the typical sense of the freedom of the beach, even if you very well also in the middle of winter.

Choose it if you love the look tousled by “crumpling” it with your hands and spray the saline, specific to create the beach waves.

Medium hair with the fringe

Cut decided by the rock-soul perfect for those who have a lot of hair. An idea of the Evos.

Choose it if, in addition to having a large mass of hair – that needs to be thin those eyebrows out – you belong to the category of the girl “never-without-plate”.

Medium hair with fringe

full Effect and voluminous for this medium cut proposed by Schwarzkopf. Note the peculiarity of the strands in the front are longer than the rear ones.

Choose it if remains enchanted by the look of the immortal Carla Bruni, with the frangible-bodied which frames the face.

Medium hair-long

Long, but not too much, are those medium hair that are slightly over the collarbones. Here is a proposal ruffled head of Wella, collection James Hair Fashion Club.

Mark if you have little time to manage long hair, opting for a natural look.

Medium hair-short

This length is the exact opposite of the earlier proposal while remaining in the category of medium hair: the hair may not be defined as courts in the strict sense, but not even really average. Hair medium-short is the right definition. This is a interprets them with a mood made all the more intriguing by the color pink.

Mark if you’re waiting to make you your hair grow.

Medium hair straight
Credits: Evos

A long bob (or long bob), proposed by Evos, from the appeal very glamorous. Choose it if you don’t love scaling that risk impoverishes the foliage.

Medium hair with volume

Franck Provost offers a classic look for medium hair styled in a natural perfect for those with wavy hair and big.

Choose it if you have thick hair that is volume alone, i.e. without the use of specific styling products.

Hair medium scaled

From Wella to look super-scaled for medium hair, characterized by a balance of volume that is surprising for its creativity. All in all, the effect evokes the styling of the rock star in the ’70s.

Choose it if you smooth hair natural and want a cut of the metropolitan not too classic.

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