Explore The Colors Of The Earth, As To Express A Renewed Love For Nature

Brown, from the Latin refers to the color of chestnuts. And nothing new here. The novelty is that the brown of the autumn-winter 2019 and 2020 are full, intense and quite, I decided, just like the skins of the fruits of autumn. The look is clear: the shades chestnut of the season evoke wood, bark of trees and undergrowth of forests.

The inspiration comes from the earth (in the literal sense): brown is the color of the earth. Then, the accent on this color, so natural, seems to reflect the relevance of all the issues related to the environment. And if we wanted to show our nature loving (also) through the hair?

Translated in terms of hair color, it means that the brown trendiest tends to be uniform, outlawing all forms of contrasts and streaks to the net. This does not mean that meshes on brown hair are out of fashion: if you like, ask your hair colorist to realization in the way just mentioned, to illuminate the hair in a natural way.

Brown: the nuance of the trend in the autumn 2019-20

In an ideal ranking of brown, wins the height of the tone in the color chart of the hair is equivalent to 4, that is, the “true” brown. Sometimes they are lit by reflected hazelnut, the other warmed by shades of copper. And it is the brown and copper color, and the color brown the most on-trend autumn / winter 2019-20. A color that transmits vitality and envelops the foliage of the passion.

Let’s see in detail the nuance of chestnut hair, more trendy.

Dark brown with shades of tone-on-tone

It is a dark brown “scratched” copper look, Jean Louis David, made even more interesting by styling with gel, which puts in light the mix-harmonic.

Choose it if: you want to lighten just your dark brown natural.

Brown, shiny, rather shiny!

The beauty of brown is that, when the hair is healthy, it is bright up to look polished. Just like this proposal, color of Z. One Concept: it reflects the light from far away. And this is enough to create a look that “speaks for itself”. How to get it? With the many treatments that nourish the hair, but also with in-salon services from hair gloss.

Choose it if: you’re a fan of the colors uniform.

Brown auburn or reddish brown?

The doubt between the two colors (brown or copper) is very strong to become a headache! Yet, this color is “undefined” embodies well the beauty of nature, when, for example, the autumn landscape is framed by the vast colors of the foliage.

Choose it if: you’re there there undecided if none to dye it red, but you have not (yet) have the courage to do it!

Brown with tips of copper

A chestnut is riding on the trend of the brown-clad one proposed by Franck Provost. The result is full and intense, softened just on the tips to make the yoke more voluminous. And to refine the face with effect of the contouring.

Choose if: you are looking for a way to brighten up your dark brown.

Light brown with hints of hazelnut

This is a offers a dark brown “brushed” by touches of brown color and caramel on the vertical sections. The effect is very harmonious thanks to the choice not to deviate too much from the base color.

Choose it if: you believe your brown hair is flat and trivial, wrong or any reason…!

Brown with shots of sun-ripened

Adore the shots of the sun at “bands”, starting from the root? With this harmony of brown and copper, the look of Schwarzkopf is the one for you.

Choose it if: the color in the round you know see.

Brown hair are not an oxymoron, as evidenced by this look of Schwarzkopf. The only caution is not to make it a shade too conflicting, otherwise it would seem contrived. The right combination? Brown and copper!

Choose it if: you have a head of hair long and voluminous that it needs to be lightened by a bleaching on the tips.

Brown hair with damage free

lightening of the coma in the horizontal direction, the damage free work in the vertical sense. The nuance of the trend are always on the copper effects the warm and enveloping.

Choose it if: you’d like your chestnut brown remains intact around the face, to be cleared only on the tips.

Brown with have highlights and more clear

It is a very effect sought, that proposed by easily recognized, one that uses advanced technology. Thanks to a tool-based magnetic mo’ stencil, transfers on the hair, artistic effect, as if the hair was a canvas on which to unleash their creativity.

Choose it if: you’re convinced that you can even dare with a normal brown!

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