Although The Hair Is Not Long Can Be Chosen For Each Day In A Different Look. Look At The Ideas We Propose To You: The Effects Are Both Elegant And Mischievous, And For All Occasions

Until the hair is not long can be chosen for each day in a different look. Look at the ideas we propose to you: the effects are both elegant and mischievous, and for all the opportunities

to Show off beautiful hairstyles on medium hair you can! small chignon, double bun, tails high and pigtails, there are many ways to change your look, even if the hair is not very long.

For hair styling more simple you can master alone, using, for example, of accessories. Today there are all types and all sizes, many of which are enough by themselves to create a hairstyle effect. Just a clip precious (maybe oversize) to liven up a helmet! Everything is in fixing the strands of hair front side or on the back of the head with ribbons, pearls and rhinestones.

Another idea to make hairstyles which are evergreen on medium hair is to deceive about their actual length. If collected, the hair seem longer than they really are. The cuts that just grazes the shoulders can give life to micro chignon or code very high. With some forethought you can get to even make a bun at the top, also in the dual format. In these cases, we can assist you with media sponge to increase the volume of hair.

Other ideas about hairstyles for medium hair? Watch the look that will not go out of fashion!

Is the hairstyle most classic hair of all lengths. On average hair become saucy if it is accompanied by a micro bun at the top, formed by the strands to the side and front, like the look of the actress Margot Robbie. Hair straightened or covered in defined waves, make the look more elegant.

Here is a hairstyle very easy! It is by twisting the hair on themselves and then around an invisible tiara. For practical reasons, it makes best on wavy hair (even slightly wavy): there is more “material” roll-your-own…!

Clips to give a twist

The hair accessories are an idea always present to change the look a little. On mid-lengths is a very cool contrast that you create with the clips, not too small, as the ferrettino with pearls & The Other Stories.

Hair combed all of the side

For the hairstyle of the actress Michelle Williams, in addition to a clip-giant it takes styling products fixatives such as lacquers and waxes. If you then add a misting spray polishing, the effect is even more bon-ton.

Locks of hair fastened with barrettes and combs

To stay in the theme of bon ton, here is another hairstyle evergreen.  The backcombed hair on the top of the head adds an air of retro. She is the actress Lucy Boynton.

The hair band, from the practical to the elegant

A turban, bow or bandana, the sash is a winning idea to be seen with a hairstyle different. In the photo, the hair had been before backcombing at the top and then gathered at the nape in the chignon micro. A hairstyle that would be even better if the hair is as long as a helmet.

The chignon that is deceiving about the actual length of the hair

For a low bun like the one of pop star Taylor Swift are not needed hair extra long. Of course, the waves help because they add more “material” to work with. The result is a look that is messy but not too much. Done with hairpins, invisible, and lots and lots of hairspray!

Double bun for an air of jaunty

Here’s a hairstyle for which you would say “we wants hair long!”. Yet, even medium hair can be collected in a double bun. Just fill in the lengths with the donuts sponge made specifically for the bun. Despite now being an evergreen, it is best to reserve the double bun if you are under the door.

The braids attached to the head for a tough rock
Credits: Getty

A hairstyle of effect from ask the barber. If you want, you can also sleep on: if tight the braids are attached to the heads are not subject to decomposition. And for a strange optical effect, the hair so, appear longer than they really are. She is the model Caroline Daur.

African braiding to feel a little Beyonce

From music stars to the runways, braids and afro are repeatedly carried over each year, so much so that are, in fact, become a classic. To make more imaginative hairstyle, you can decorate the braids with the beads, insert the locks with color-coded plots, or to find hairstyle finished, paint with the spray dyes that last for a wash.

The tail very high and well pulled
Credits: Getty

With medium hair you have to collect the hair in the highest point of the head: just so you’re safe to take all the strands and hold it in a queue. For a look more particular, once applied to the elastic, “open”, then the queue as if you want to cover the nape of the neck. She is Jessica Chastain.

Hair at the back, so practical and so classic

A hairstyle that does not need special presentations. If the ports on the line side or the fringe, secure the hair back with the gel will make you surely different!

Flat wave in the style of the ’20s

A hairstyle to be reserved for ceremonies or occasions that call for subtle elegance. You realization with the plate by passing it in a zigzag pattern on the hair strands, after which you secure with the gel and fixed further with the cold throw of the dryer.

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