A Hair Color Which Like The Rose, And Much More! To The Point That Each Year New Collections Are Created In Shades Of Pink From Which To Draw Inspiration. The Trend Of 2020?

Suitable for all ages, it is perfect to be carried on individual strands on the whole head of hair. In this case, is better suited to helmets asymmetrical, pixie-cut or a maximum of medium lengths.

Depending on the intensity of colour, the pink hair give a romantic look, or gritty. You have a rock soul? Choose shades shocking, that may be more or less heated, and tend to pink. Opt for delicate hues that evoke a fairy tale world. In the latter case, the pink is even more tenuous if veined with tones of lilac and wisteria. There is no shortage of salmon pink and peach, which give a more warm of the crown: are all those dyes which, in the jargon of the hair stylist, go under the name of the rose gold. Is a blonde tending to pink, which recalls the color of the sunrise, when the sky is crossed by a light irresistible.

Curious to discover the pink hair trendiest for 2020? See our selection: there is to be enchanted!

Baby pink for the most romantic

Is the most pink the classic that comes to mind when we just think about the color of the most romantic par excellence. One of the confetti and flakes of the new birth. Perfect on bleached hair and very fair complexion, otherwise it risks losing its evanescence.

Pink “millennial” for positive thinking

A pastel pink that communicates freshness and a sense of abstraction separate from reality, a desire common to most young people that rightly want to dream of…and for a long time. Beautiful the idea of the eye makeup en pendant. The proposal of This.

Pink gradient for the non-conformist

You like the effect bleached hair? Make it brighter with tips of pink, more or less heated. You will be the most intriguing and definitely trendy! But the eye is a look that requires a lot of maintenance.

A color Schwarzkopf Professional.

With the roots and dark, an air of radical chic

on The roots of dark are back in fashion, so much so that stars such as Margot Robbie and Kristen Stewart in the feature with nonchalance on the red carpet. Here’s a look pink-hair expertly shaded that avoids the odious effect regrowth.

Pink effect manga

The shade is a little cartoon that brings joy and implies a veil of malice. Delicious the combination of the pink with the cut, pixie-cut, worn in a messy. Seen on the catwalk.

Fluorescent pink for the more rebellious

A pink of transgression that draws its inspiration from the street style, the cradle always prolific of the most interesting trends.

Fuchsia pink for not go undetected

Solid and decided to courageous women who have the desire to communicate something strong. A bright colour from the genuine Taylor made.

Pink veined wisteria to delicate effects

An ultra-soft pink changing to lilac, with effects in gradient-shade on the lengths. As with all the shades of pink, even in this case, it is more suitable to a complexion. The look is of the Company of Beauty.

Pink pixie-cut messy

About short hair ruffled pink proves to be a winning choice, because it creates a perfect marriage with the intent of deliberately unconventional. And if combined with a makeup super color, the look exudes even more the desire of freedom. Seen on the catwalk.

Lilac was famed for his ethereal effect

A look that seems taken from a fairy tale, hair color of ice, crossed by accents of lilac. The set is super bright blue and very…young!

Bleached hair with tips of pink

In this outfit, the color of ice is even more polar, like that of the iceberg that the reflection of the light give off a slight glow and rose wines. The proposal of Z. one concept.

Rose gold in color…classic!

In the palette of colors for hair, the blond tending to pink is now a new classic. It is fun because it is indefinite: it heats the hair, which at the same time it remains cold, but never too much. In short, a look to choose if the “true pink,” don’t you feel ready!

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