The Secret To Good Styling Is All In A Perfect Drying. But What Are The Correct Steps? Let’s Find Them Out Together

Have You ever wondered why your hair dried by the hair stay clean longer? The merit is of the perfect drying. Here’s our guide to a styling long-lasting.

How to wash and dry your hair in the perfect way

it All starts of course, with the hair just washed, but what is not obvious is that they must be well rinsed. The cleaning water must flow clear and free of any bubbles. To the touch the hair, even when wet, must be almost rough. Only in this way will delete any patina of balm, that even the day after would make the hair heavy, if not downright dirty.

To remove excess water do not rub the hair with a towel. Better if microfiber, it absorbs moisture and minimizes frizz.

What to do before drying

Before passing to the dryer, the hair may not be dripping with water: not only it would take an eternity, but you would get the much unwanted frizz. Here it becomes important to “per-dry” the hair, that is let them free in the air, so that the excess moisture to evaporate naturally.

A perfect blow-dry you get when you start the brushing with the brush and dryer on dry hair at least 50%. Of course, this is possible in the summer or when you have the time.

The alternative is to head down and give the neck a blow dryer without the nozzle, and then apply a styling product suited to your hair.

If you have thin hair use a spray that aging a body and thickness.
However, if you have a crown and double thick, use a conditioner leave-in to hold at bay the frizz.

Distribute the product with a wide tooth comb, preferably wood, and then work the strands with your fingers. In both cases, forbidden to use gel and wax modelling, suited rather to model the hair at the end of drying.

Use your fingers instead of the brush

The secret of drying the perfect (read: the hair soft and shiny without frizz) is to start with the fingers, as if it were a comb. Raises a strand of a few centimeters upwards, hold it, and aim the nozzle of the dryer downward, that is, the head. It is a gem for a hair stylist that can give volume without ruffling the hair, from the first steps. If you part with the brush, you are likely instead to make them frizzy.

Divide the hair in sections

Before beginning with the hair dryer, divide hair into sections and secure them with clothespins. Need to avoid drying their hair already dry, that may be damaged.

Use the brush

Now that the roots are dry, you can then switch to a round brush with boar bristles or a mix of synthetic and natural bristles for length. Pull the hair with the brush, pointing the nozzle of the dryer downwards. To make the first starts from the tips and then “come up” gradually to the roots.

The final touch

Once the hair is dry 100%, apply with your hands on a serum that you massage between the palms of the hands.

How to dry curly hair

curly hair has an undeniable charm and it is crucial to dry them in the right way in order to avoid the frizz, without form, and vitality. To do this, in addition to using products that are highly moisturizing and designed specifically for curly hair, it is good to follow some little foresight of how to choose the microfiber to remove the excess water.

This material eliminates less natural oils from the hair, thus helping to better define curl and reduce the frizz often caused by the use of the towel.

The plopping

Among the techniques useful for dry curly hair are the plopping: one of the latest trends dedicated to the hair curly. To do this you simply place a cotton t-shirt on a plan, chinarti upside down so that the hair is to the center of the mesh itself, close it, creating a turban and, finally, to join the side sleeves behind the neck stopping them with a pair of pliers and a bobby pin. Let sit for at least an hour and after that enjoy the show of your curls super defined

How to dry curly hair with a hair dryer

Who has curly hair knows how important the use of the speaker as to not take away volume at the crown, it was rebuilt, this accessory, in fact, allows to attenuate the air jet directed on the hair toned down the frizz.

What they do not know is that it would be better to avoid it completely in the dryer and leave the curly hair free of dry air. Only in this way a mane of a lion will resume all of their natural volume and splendor.

The clipping

The routine and the everyday life, often lead to the choices in a fast that, with the passage of time, can ruin or diminish the hair, the most beautiful.

As in the case of the volume that, very often, tends to disappear, especially at the hairline. To work around this problem, you can try the technique of clipping that involves the application of stainless steel clip to the roots and then switch to classic drying with the diffuse. More clips put of the most the volume will be: ready to try?

How to dry wavy hair

Dry the wavy hair is not at all simple: it is the classical way and, therefore, require further attention. Starting from the products, through the tools and methods of drying.

After you have washed your hair and you have used the ad hoc products as a conditioner, mask, serum and protector is good, in the case of wavy hair, comb them with a wooden comb with large teeth.

As for the curls, even in this case, it would be better to let the hair dry natural. If, instead, you just can not give up to the dryer, not to forget the speaker, which must be matched at an average temperature and an air jet is not strong.

Parts drying the roots, being about 10 cm away from the nape of the neck with the jet directed from top to bottom. Yourself then head down to complete the drying and, in the while, blot them gently with the hands of the individual strands to give it a slight shape. Then move on, putting you head down, to dry the rest of the hair, keeping the hair dryer at a safe distance, gently pat with your hands, locks of hair. To better define the waves, helped with a product for styling such as mousse or oils.

Of course, even wavy hair need the right amount of volume and to do that you need to make a drying upside down, resting the tips with the diffuser and tighten a few strands between your hands to define them and give it a form.

Instead, if you don’t love the volume also makes use of the diffuse from the high to the low, but always remember not to get too close to the hair, thus avoiding to burn them.

How to dry short hair

You made the leap into the void and you decided to throw yourself on a short-cut? It takes courage because this cut has small pitfalls with regard to the drying and styling.

First of all, whether long or short, straight or curly, the hair are afraid of the high temperatures and the fortune of the hair short is the ability to use a jet of air is almost cold. For this the hair is short and grows very quickly: they are subjected to lower stress than the lengths XXL.

A little trick that many do not know is not dry completely hair. Just wipe them pe half with the hairdryer at a low temperature and then begins to work it with the help of waxes and serums: playing with the hands, you can focus on the styling and at the same time end completely dry the hair.

If you have a cut very short parts from the bottom and jumps to the top without losing too much time: in this way will gain volume and thickness.

Hairstyles Short And Medium Hair 2020: Beautiful Ideas!

Here are the best hairstyles for women who have short or medium hair, to change their appearance every day!

These measures of hair may seem constrictive and unsuitable for different hairstyles, but this is not so. It all depends on the cut, because if it is well executed there are so many short hairstyles that you can make. The pixie cut and bob cut continue to be the most popular ones and can be styled in so many ways. Here are photos, tutorials with images and many ideas!


The medium bob cut lends itself to an infinity of hairstyles, all simple to make thanks to the limited volume of hair. For a special evening, lightly Cotton your hair, stop with a clothespin the front tuft combing it back and then create curls with gel (or lacquer), fixing everything with hairpins. Seeds collected with braids or torchon are among the most simple short hairstyles elegant hair.

French, Dutch, cascade or side. Hairstyles medium hair 2020 see the braid as the absolute protagonist! Not only yoke and helmet lend themselves to this simple hairstyle, but also short cuts. Among the hairstyles short hair 2020 many haircuts shaved sideways softened by a romantic braid to the side. Original hairstyles ideas for girl.

Hairstyle short hair

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, point to the chignon revisited and enriched with details, pulling back the hair. Among the simplest collected medium hairstyles there is the harvest ‘messy’ (messy). They are beautiful proposals to exploit if you are an invited to wedding or ceremonies (communion, confirmation, baptisms).


Here are some tutorials for making simple hairstyles on their own. They are two perfect solutions for when you have little time, because it takes less than 3 minutes to make them! They are ideal ca create in the morning before going to school or work.

This hairstyle idea is even simpler than the previous one and is very comfortable for the summer!

Whether you have a perfect smooth or wavy or curly hair no matter, there are so many simple and beautiful hairstyles ideas for short hair! These are collected seeds, created by carrying on the nape of the neck strands of hair taken from the sides. They can be fixed on the back with hairpins or hairstyle with a braid or simply create torchons to be fixed with an elastic band. A simple and perfect hairstyle for a ceremony, to be realized in a few minutes and without the help of the hairdresser.

The hair collected are the ones that allow us to change look more often, so if you have a medium helmet always take advantage of these roads! A smooth crop with side tuft or with short bangs, with hair braided to form a crown, are the perfect hairstyles for the most special evenings. More day by day, the crop with only the tuft divided with a side row and then closed on the nape, and the one with the hair pulled back and then slightly raised.

The Bangs Allows You To Make A Change (Almost) Radical Without Touching The Length, Which Is Why It Is The Perfect Solution To Give A Twist To Your Style

The fringe is a great trick if you want to give a twist to your look, if you are looking for a ‘trick’ to change your style without cutting too drastic to your hair. And it is perfect because it complies with one of the biggest trends of the year 2018. Yes, because it is a real must-have, terribly glam and the ultra fashion. And proves to be intriguing to all ages.

The secrets of fringe

But be careful because there is the fringe and the fringe. And each has its own to interpret depending on the shape of the face and structure of your hair: choose the fringe is not so simple!

Do you prefer a stylish touch? Then the model where you have to aim for is long and to the side. Do you want to look sexy and mysterious? Then opt for the heavier, typical of the ’60s, which, however, is to be avoided if your hair is wavy or curly. Seems like a too drastic? Test the fringe, the version of the finish irregular, combed hair with a middle row lateral fall at the height of the eyes and give an air of sparkling and spirited. The beautiful model, Alexa Chung, has made it his war-horse: you can copy her to be glamorous and trendy. And he is not wrong.

Fringe and personality

in Short, every face has its fringe, and each fringe there is an ideal face which you belong. It is up to you to organize the perfect wedding for the next year. A face too round, until a short time ago, it was strongly recommended not to point on the fringe, but today we can, in fact, you must choose the famous Berlin, perhaps one of the fringe’s most well-known in the absolute, the one that completely covers the eyebrows and wrapping your head and giving a strong personality.

Two essential variables

Variables to consider are of course the length and texture of hair that you have to pay attention: if your hair is very thick let-go-short fringe, because you risk the effect ‘mop’. On the contrary, if your hair is thinner is the ideal model.

Today, all we can try some kind of fringe: do you think that can even correct some of the defects giving for the optical effect of a perfect oval. Sometimes it is the fringe itself that enhances certain irregularities and gives harmony to the face.

In order throughout the day

The classic blow dry with brush and hair dryer is the most convenient way to keep you in the fringe. Alternatively, you can use the plate.

Try to use specific styling products, those, for instance, able to perfectly smooth the hair, those that have perfect waves, the ones that fight the frizz. In short, the cosmetics that will give your tresses the right mood and a perfect finish to your fringe, so it can be ordered throughout the day and lengthen the time of the fold.

How to adjust the fringe

One last piece of advice, finally, on how to adjust the fringe. Let the do-it-yourself, because it may be inaccurate, and do enormous damage. You just need to adjust it once a month from your hairstylist, trust.

Stress, Smog, Power, And Chemicals Ruin Your Hair. Here Are Some Natural Remedies For Damaged Hair

To be always in line with the fashions that offer the hairstyles are difficult to maintain, the use of plates, hair dryer, aggressive products, fixings and modeling, but also stress, pollution, prolonged exposure to the sun and an unbalanced diet, hair is subjected to many aggression. So lose slowly shine up to become dry and dull. This is without a doubt a clear message: they were a little too abused, to the point of losing their natural vitality and health.

How to recover restore to the crown its beauty and thereby improve the appearance and is able to handle hair dyed and damaged, dry and frizzy?

Here are some natural remedies that help to keep the hair in all their glory, giving that soft look and natural shine.

1. Shea butter

Shea butter is ideal for hair damaged, brittle, and very dry. His power repairer makes it a perfect ingredient to help the hair fiber to regroup after treatments particularly aggressive or simply in case of dry, brittle hair for the constitution. Just apply daily a small amount on the tips of the hair. You can use both in the morning or in the evening before going to bed.

2. Pack aloe vera

The aloe vera instead, it nourishes the hair and protects them from external aggression, proving to be an ideal ally for those who usually use straighteners and curling irons for styling or chemical treatments such as bleaching, colouring.

Just squeeze the pulp of aloe into half a glass of water and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply on the hair massaging for about 15 minutes, from the root to the tips. Then wash with warm water and repeat three times a week: you realize you have hair more shiny and brilliant.

3. Mayonnaise

Here is the classic remedy of the grandmother, the hair is burned and damaged, but always effective. The mixture of egg, vinegar and oil will give shine to the hair, hydrate and fortify it.

Apply mayonnaise to damp hair, leave to act for half an hour and rinse with lukewarm water. The results will be immediately evident!

4. Apple cider vinegar

For curing the hair damaged by dyes, hair dryer and plates, just prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar with which to rinse the hair. Ideal oily scalp, apple cider vinegar will restore the pH and will also remove dandruff. Simply combine half a cup of apple cider vinegar to equal amount of water: spray on hair, leave to act for a few moments and rinse with lukewarm water.

5. Coconut oil and lemon juice

Coconut oil is a great emollient and, thanks to its chemical composition similar to that of our hair, can nourish them in depth without weighing it down nor anoint them. Just combine a portion of this oil with two of lemon juice, apply on the whole length of the hair, massaging gently. The hair will be immediately revitalized and hydrated.


Long, Indeed Very Long, Up To Touch The Back.

Long, indeed very long, up to touch the back. The hair is extra long they are back, with all their charm, from the top power of dreams

The autumn / winter season 2020 decreed the triumph of long hair. From the catwalks to the collections of the salons, hairdresser, hair trends offer lengths significantly oversized. Hair exceed, in fact, far behind, coming up to mid-back. A boon for those who, in the end, not them ever wanted to wanted to cut, despite the “success” of growing short hair. From this point of view, we can assert convinced that in the hair of the fall season 2020 there are no half measures. Or long or short term. And on the latter there is to have fun!

Long hair over the shoulders, up to touch the back

How to wear long hair in the cold season 2020? Can be smooth or curly curly. In practice, democracy wins and the styles, to remind us that the new approach to the beauty is the inclusiveness. A inclusive that also includes all types of hair: there is a certain styling to prevail on the other. The smooth is equally trendy curly Afro, if we want to mention two styles are poles apart. In the middle there are all the natural waves that follow a movement and not too structured.

The hairstyles on long hair

More fashion on long hair in autumn / winter 2019-20 are those braids with a bun on the top. The first are formed from braids and twists that you put on hair long, almost to break the apparent monotony of the long. It is here that the braids become fun ways to bring the fringes or tufts attached to the back of the neck.

The bun at the top of the hair long and loose, representing the brand new ways of interpreting the hairstyles, from the allure gritty.

Hairstyles trend: the inspiration of the most beautiful in the fall / winter 2020

Unlike in styling, cuts for long hair there is a trend towards precise. Goes out of fashion the straight cut or climbed the sides of her face. The inspiration is Kate Middleton, with its beautiful foliage and reassuring, also because of his “normal” brown. All cuts rely on the volume and effects full-bodied that evoke the heroines of the tales. With regard to the forehead, can be covered by the fringe, possibly full, and left with line in the middle.

Fast And Practical, The Cuts, The Average Of The Autumn / Winter 2019-2020 Are Perfect For Those Who Have Little Time To Devote To The Maintenance Of Hair Look But Do Not Want To Give Up The Length

Hair medium, a length of mount board that is practical to the point of force. They are in fact easy to manage, comfortable to wear and quick to dry. The trends for the cuts of the autumn / winter 2019-2020 for the cuts, the average expected volume and naturalness.

How to wear medium hair in the fall winter of 2019-20

apart from a few exceptions, the hair of medium length will lead to “simple”, that is, without paying too much attention to the crease, who in fact has never really studied in the strict sense. Well then the waves and beach waves, curly hair of varying amplitude, smooth, voluminous, all with very little artifacts, indeed.

The word key of the hair medium is movement… as it is! And it is probably the best way to bring them into our lives that are no longer in a hurry.

cuts for medium length hair

The cut-the trend is to go ahead: he just touched the collarbone, while remaining fairly regular. Some of the scaling is given on the top and back of the head, to increase the overall volume of the hair. Next to this strong trend of cut of make the road cuts extracted from the air of rock, suitable to the hair is very smooth.

Look at the proposals of the salons of the autumn / winter 2019 and 2020.

Medium hair cut equal

A simple cut and rigorous, that highlights the beauty of straight hair. Proposed by Jean Louis David. The hairs are all of equal length, including the tuft at the front.

Choose it if you have thin hair, even if they require daily washing.

Medium hair with curls

cut glamour that evokes the look of the actresses in “boccolose”, as Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Reese witherspoon. Proposed by Wella collection James.

Choose it if you have a romantic soul and hair with natural curls.

Medium hair curly

Delicious, edgy and a bit wild. So appear these medium hair offered by Wella by Giorgio Parrivecchio, perfect to emphasize the “rebellion” of curly hair.

Choose it if you have no intention of ironing your natural curly hair.

Beach wave on medium hair

A fresh look for this cut proposed by Cotril that immediately evokes the typical sense of the freedom of the beach, even if you very well also in the middle of winter.

Choose it if you love the look tousled by “crumpling” it with your hands and spray the saline, specific to create the beach waves.

Medium hair with the fringe

Cut decided by the rock-soul perfect for those who have a lot of hair. An idea of the Evos.

Choose it if, in addition to having a large mass of hair – that needs to be thin those eyebrows out – you belong to the category of the girl “never-without-plate”.

Medium hair with fringe

full Effect and voluminous for this medium cut proposed by Schwarzkopf. Note the peculiarity of the strands in the front are longer than the rear ones.

Choose it if remains enchanted by the look of the immortal Carla Bruni, with the frangible-bodied which frames the face.

Medium hair-long

Long, but not too much, are those medium hair that are slightly over the collarbones. Here is a proposal ruffled head of Wella, collection James Hair Fashion Club.

Mark if you have little time to manage long hair, opting for a natural look.

Medium hair-short

This length is the exact opposite of the earlier proposal while remaining in the category of medium hair: the hair may not be defined as courts in the strict sense, but not even really average. Hair medium-short is the right definition. This is a interprets them with a mood made all the more intriguing by the color pink.

Mark if you’re waiting to make you your hair grow.

Medium hair straight
Credits: Evos

A long bob (or long bob), proposed by Evos, from the appeal very glamorous. Choose it if you don’t love scaling that risk impoverishes the foliage.

Medium hair with volume

Franck Provost offers a classic look for medium hair styled in a natural perfect for those with wavy hair and big.

Choose it if you have thick hair that is volume alone, i.e. without the use of specific styling products.

Hair medium scaled

From Wella to look super-scaled for medium hair, characterized by a balance of volume that is surprising for its creativity. All in all, the effect evokes the styling of the rock star in the ’70s.

Choose it if you smooth hair natural and want a cut of the metropolitan not too classic.

Get The Hair Healthy And Shiny With Minimal Effort

To get the hair healthy and shiny with minimal effort, you don’t need sessions close-up from the hair salon (which, I must say, they always give you a big hand!): hair care starts from small daily gestures. Avoid making some very common mistakes and adopt good habits help you in short time to conquer a head of hair more healthy, strong and beautiful.

Among the practices are wrong, there is certainly the one to wash the hair too often, by dehydrating so the scalp, comb only the tips, or use a protective product before passing the plate and the iron. Learn all the mistakes not to make more!

1) do Not brush the hair before shampooing

If to extricate the hair before washing you will want to avoid too much during the massage, with shampoo and water.

Remember: comb them wet, since wet is much more stressful for the hair since they run the risk of cracking, even if at the time do not feel pain. The hair is wet it becomes like a rubber band loose and it is more fragile! Reduce the risk of knots, therefore, with a hair brush to the wood, more delicate.

2) Washing too often, hair

Unless they are fat and thin, the majority of the hair does not benefit from the shampoo daily. If the washes are too frequent, the scalp is dehydrated, leaving the hair weak and without life. In addition, the physiological reaction of the glands that secrete sebum normally present on the skin – may be to produce too much, with the result to make the hair always greasy. And then oiliness attracts dry, in a vicious circle without end.

If you do not feel comfortable with the cool head of shampoo, try alternating it with the dry shampoo: you will get used to find the right rhythm with which to wash your hair.

3) Comb only the tips

We have repeated that with brush and comb you need to act with delicacy, especially on the lengths. And so we find ourselves to be combed just the tips, to the neglect of the scalp (“and if the hair you tear?”). Wrong: massaging the scalp with a brush stimulates the blood circulation and hair growth. If the themes of tearing your hair, use a boar bristle brush and wooden handle, rub from the roots to the tips. Your hair will be revitalized!

4) Rubbing the hair with towel

It’s a classic: you exit the shower and rub the towel on the head, trying to absorb all the water before passing to the dryer. In fact, if the hair is frizionati too vigorously with cotton fabrics, woven (foam or honeycomb makes no difference), you are likely to roughen the cuticle, getting dull hair and frizz.

The correct movement is to blot the hair better and then wrap them in a turban for no longer than 5 minutes. Then, shake the strands with your fingers. It will take more time to dry the hair, but in the long term will look healthier and more beautiful.

Makeup? Use a turban in microfiber that absorbs moisture without damaging the hair fiber, which is lucid and disciplined.

5) never use conditioner on the roots

The balm applies on the tips, because it may flatten your hair or make it heavy – so have taught us. Yet if the upper part of the head never receives nourishment, may become opaque and brittle. We do not intend certainly soften the skin with body wraps and creamy all the times that we wash our hair, but apply the balm also on the head, yes.

The important to ensure the hair stylist, is that you rinse it well your head until the water runs clear and the hair are ‘de grease’, as if to touch ‘sidestroke with the fingers.

6. Do not use a temperature protecting device before plate and iron

Even if of the last generation, the styles can damage the hair fiber, especially if used habitually, not to say every day. Certainly, the ceramic and tourmaline are much more delicate than a traditional iron, which, however, tends to disappear from the shops. However, protect your hair with a specific spray against the heat is a good habit to keep them soft and reduce the risks of dryness. Apply 4-5 sprays on the hair well, towel-dried.

If you prefer, you can remove excess humidity with a few blows of the hair dryer.

7. Use needle red-hot over the wet hair,

wet hair and hot tools don’t go together. The plates irons and curling irons can burn the follicles of the hair fiber, which is weaker when it is wet. The result is to be with the hair is broken!

That’s why before going on any styles, the hair should be completely dry, even when you are in a hurry!

8. Use hairspray before the plate

Have you ever heard a sizzle when curl or wink with your hair? It happens because you have sprayed hair spray or other sprays that leave a coating on your hair. In addition to the noise, because it should not be done? Because the alcohol content in lacquers, to contact with the heat, you burn, even burning the hair. Use the spray fixatives only after the curling (curl your hair), or straightening.

9. To think that a double tip can be…together

Once the hairs are divided into two ends, there is no miracle cure that will “attack them”. The only solution for split ends is to prevent the risk form, avoiding the washes, aggressive and close, the wipes energetic with towels, the abuse of the styles or brushing.

A way to prevent split ends? Apply on the hair semi-dry, a serum based on argon oil or flax seed.

10. Back comb the hair usually

For great occasions, to show off a head of hair style, Mary Antoinette is very trendy, but back comb the hair regularly is the quickest way to break them. The movement finishing from the tips towards the roots, in fact, causes the rupture of the capillary fiber.

L-Cut, The Most Fashionable Is The One That Respects The Nature Of The Hedgehog, And That Is The One That Enhances The Volume And Softness. With A Few Exceptions That Are Worth Looking At

If you have curly hair, in 2020 it will be fun. Are back in fashion and more explosive than ever! Cuts hair trend propose symmetries is well studied that enhance the typical effect “round” of the hair curly. Many of the cuts in the Afro style, or with a look that is airy, that give joy. For curls that rise to the top in a way aerodynamic.

Next to the cuts soft, which give way to the nature of the hedgehog, is there an exception that provides for cuts developed in the vertical, but towards the bottom. It is the case of cuts for hair that is in the jargon are called “fake hedgehogs”, that is, those who for the first 5 cm from the root are born straight, and then curl up as they grow. This type of hedgehog prefers cuts less bulky, to wear even with the line in the middle.

curly Hair 2020: cuts and styling trendy

The cut-the trend is scaled to a work of art, taking namely into account the fact that usually a curly mane requires locks, more wavy than others. The hair should be scaled based on the ripple: the more the curls are tight the more you proceed gently, shortening the hair strands gradually. If you check some hair more smooth, is shortened more. Just so you get a cut harmonic and respects the beauty of the sea urchins.

What cuts to ask for at the barber, then? Have a look at our photos to get an idea of the trend of 2020!

Cut of for Rici little bulky

An idea for those who do not like the typical volume of curly hair: this cut is perfect to keep it under control, without, however, undermining of the hedgehog. Ideal, also, for curly hair from the stem thin. Proposal of Bumble and bumble.

Hedgehog super disciplined

Similar to the previously cut is proposed by Aveda’s fashion show for spring / summer 2020 Phillip Lim. In this case, the volume is more controlled, thanks to styling products that act as shaping. Are waxes that are opaque that leaves the hair soft and shiny, without being too wet.

With the line in the middle of

, we go Back in the field cuts of the same length, with the difference that in this cut are coming to the small scaling on the locks on the front and on the tips. Seen by Chloé to fashion shows for the spring / summer 2020.

Bob with bangs

For curly hair Franck Provost offers a care from the line graphics with the fringe which customize your features and gives character.

Look flimsy for curly hair short

cutting that communicates airiness and softness to the watch. The layers are made invisible, respecting the different waves of hair curly.

The curly Afro style

Dedicated to the hair with curls so thick as to be almost spongy: it is the typical cut African round from “Saturday night Fever”.

Here is another way to bring the curls in the style of Afro: this time the effect of the round is still more evident, since the hair strands the most rebellious were all leveled. From the backstage of Design-able.

If the curls are not as tight you may bring cut in a vertical direction upwards, so as to develop a sort of crest, but always rather soft and harmonic. A cut proposed by Z. one concept.

Yoke asymmetrical

The collection James of Wella offers a helmet is irregular, which complies with the typical irregularities of curly hair, and becoming almost conspiratorial. The end result is a look at the surprise composed and disciplined!

Cutting shaggy hair curly –

A cut in ultra-scaled by the irregular shape and the messy look that is well suited to those of the hedgehog loves the rebellious character. Suitable for fine hair.

If the hair is “fake curls”

The hair not so curly? But are not even then so moved? The right cut is with the line in the middle and apparently equal (the layers are only on the tips to avoid geometry net). For a look a bit British from the air saucy.


Although The Hair Is Not Long Can Be Chosen For Each Day In A Different Look. Look At The Ideas We Propose To You: The Effects Are Both Elegant And Mischievous, And For All Occasions

Until the hair is not long can be chosen for each day in a different look. Look at the ideas we propose to you: the effects are both elegant and mischievous, and for all the opportunities

to Show off beautiful hairstyles on medium hair you can! small chignon, double bun, tails high and pigtails, there are many ways to change your look, even if the hair is not very long.

For hair styling more simple you can master alone, using, for example, of accessories. Today there are all types and all sizes, many of which are enough by themselves to create a hairstyle effect. Just a clip precious (maybe oversize) to liven up a helmet! Everything is in fixing the strands of hair front side or on the back of the head with ribbons, pearls and rhinestones.

Another idea to make hairstyles which are evergreen on medium hair is to deceive about their actual length. If collected, the hair seem longer than they really are. The cuts that just grazes the shoulders can give life to micro chignon or code very high. With some forethought you can get to even make a bun at the top, also in the dual format. In these cases, we can assist you with media sponge to increase the volume of hair.

Other ideas about hairstyles for medium hair? Watch the look that will not go out of fashion!

Is the hairstyle most classic hair of all lengths. On average hair become saucy if it is accompanied by a micro bun at the top, formed by the strands to the side and front, like the look of the actress Margot Robbie. Hair straightened or covered in defined waves, make the look more elegant.

Here is a hairstyle very easy! It is by twisting the hair on themselves and then around an invisible tiara. For practical reasons, it makes best on wavy hair (even slightly wavy): there is more “material” roll-your-own…!

Clips to give a twist

The hair accessories are an idea always present to change the look a little. On mid-lengths is a very cool contrast that you create with the clips, not too small, as the ferrettino with pearls & The Other Stories.

Hair combed all of the side

For the hairstyle of the actress Michelle Williams, in addition to a clip-giant it takes styling products fixatives such as lacquers and waxes. If you then add a misting spray polishing, the effect is even more bon-ton.

Locks of hair fastened with barrettes and combs

To stay in the theme of bon ton, here is another hairstyle evergreen.  The backcombed hair on the top of the head adds an air of retro. She is the actress Lucy Boynton.

The hair band, from the practical to the elegant

A turban, bow or bandana, the sash is a winning idea to be seen with a hairstyle different. In the photo, the hair had been before backcombing at the top and then gathered at the nape in the chignon micro. A hairstyle that would be even better if the hair is as long as a helmet.

The chignon that is deceiving about the actual length of the hair

For a low bun like the one of pop star Taylor Swift are not needed hair extra long. Of course, the waves help because they add more “material” to work with. The result is a look that is messy but not too much. Done with hairpins, invisible, and lots and lots of hairspray!

Double bun for an air of jaunty

Here’s a hairstyle for which you would say “we wants hair long!”. Yet, even medium hair can be collected in a double bun. Just fill in the lengths with the donuts sponge made specifically for the bun. Despite now being an evergreen, it is best to reserve the double bun if you are under the door.

The braids attached to the head for a tough rock
Credits: Getty

A hairstyle of effect from ask the barber. If you want, you can also sleep on: if tight the braids are attached to the heads are not subject to decomposition. And for a strange optical effect, the hair so, appear longer than they really are. She is the model Caroline Daur.

African braiding to feel a little Beyonce

From music stars to the runways, braids and afro are repeatedly carried over each year, so much so that are, in fact, become a classic. To make more imaginative hairstyle, you can decorate the braids with the beads, insert the locks with color-coded plots, or to find hairstyle finished, paint with the spray dyes that last for a wash.

The tail very high and well pulled
Credits: Getty

With medium hair you have to collect the hair in the highest point of the head: just so you’re safe to take all the strands and hold it in a queue. For a look more particular, once applied to the elastic, “open”, then the queue as if you want to cover the nape of the neck. She is Jessica Chastain.

Hair at the back, so practical and so classic

A hairstyle that does not need special presentations. If the ports on the line side or the fringe, secure the hair back with the gel will make you surely different!

Flat wave in the style of the ’20s

A hairstyle to be reserved for ceremonies or occasions that call for subtle elegance. You realization with the plate by passing it in a zigzag pattern on the hair strands, after which you secure with the gel and fixed further with the cold throw of the dryer.

Gentle, Parade, Toothed…There Are Many Ways To Define The Fringe Trend In 2020, Provided They Are Not Too Strict

Forgets the fringes are symmetrical and straight: to the beauty trends of the 2020 decry each geometry. Or at least state OUT of those effects too rigorous, that seem to be squared to the millimeter.

The fringe trend is irregular, which in practice means light and parade, as if it were a veil. Covers the front, but it allows you to see the texture of the skin and, if it comes to eyebrows, the tap timidly. In short, the final look of the fringe of fashion is that see-who likes so much to those who are undecided whether to actually bring the tuft.

Cuts hair for 2020: all of the trends of the year that you can’t miss

Cuts with bangs: how to lead in 2020

The door is long up to the eyebrows and short in the middle front. In both cases, the fringe of 2020 is cut and “notched”, that is, shorter than others. It is never a fringe too thick nor hides totally the look. Styling? A bit messy, without a precise order to follow.

You are there to there to cut the fringe? Look at our offers, surely you will want to change your look!

Tufts of different lengths,

A fringe apparently full who buys lightness, thanks to the game threads. The final look is a fringe bustling which makes for a more spirited smooth cutting. Proposal for a Schwarkopf Professional.

Fringe full decomposed

Always by Schwarkopf Professional to offer a fringe, slightly climbing that has, in its central opening to its point of strength. An idea for framing the eyes with a hint of malice.

Touches on the eyes

Reaches right down almost to the eyes with a fringe proposal by Wella for 2020. The structure is domed, but its opening to the strands separate, it is suitable for those who love to look a bit messy. It is perfect for straight hair and the purpose.

Fringe disorderly
Credits: Toni & Guy

Here is a look messed made even more casual by cutting scaled and moved. The idea of the fringe, which marks a point of rupture with the typical fringe regular and geometric. Proposal for Toni&Guy.

Small, in style baby bang

Bangs that has the tenderness of little children, and for this reason is called “baby bang”. Framing her face with kindness, especially if combined with short-cut irregular. View the fashion shows for spring / summer 2020.

Short but not-too

by Missoni, Aveda is a fringe in the mid-front cut so straight. The locks are open and spaced 1 cm from each other.

Short and thick

Is the only exception of the year 2020 in which the fringe is proposed for the thick, seen that the trend in the predominant prefers light. The idea is to Indola, which, however, dampens the fullness of the fringe and the effect is very short.

Open the drop-down

A fringe that always falls in the trend of lightness: the hair strands fall to the case, and so not too studied. A look seen on the catwalk.

Fringe super light

From the Wella collection Mitu the fringe becomes a load-bearing structure of the yoke which thus acquires character and personality. The effect of super-light gives the idea that the fringe has been cut “in transparency”.

Fringe domed

A fringe, bon-ton that integrates perfectly with the helmet is curved, the big trend in 2020. The final effect is still light thanks to the threads delicate. Proposal for Toni&Guy.

Fringe carved

An idea to cut short that shape the bangs with gel and wax, as if it were a matter to be to work at will. The tuft on the front is then resting absently on the forehead. Seen on the catwalk.

Short fringe irregular

we Could call the evolution of the ultra-modern fringe to the Franciscan. The touch of radical chic? The irregularities super designed cut-made even more saucy by bleaching platinum blond. Proposal for Toni&Guy.